Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You can't run, you can't hide

Feeding Frenzy
 (The cardinals are a bit skittish today and won't let me take their picture, so we settle for 'vanilla' birds)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I did venture out of the neighborhood (because I could), and I did take the camera, but there was no way I could get out of the car to take photos anywhere. You've got to be very alert out on the roads. You'll be driving along on the highway and suddenly your lane will end without warning because they didn't get a chance to truck the snow they plowed from the rest of the lanes out of the one you're in.

I am heading out again this morning (because I have to). I'll take the camera with me. Who doesn't want to see photos of what they do with 28 inches of snow in parking lots.

As you might be able to tell from today's music selection, we are once again in the path of  'resistance is futile' and are preparing to be slammed with possibly a foot or more by the humorless, vengeful snow Gods beginning this afternoon. Hoo-ray!

Our office has been closed since Friday, and it's not looking promising for tomorrow. I'm a telecommuter twice a week, so at least I can check in and keep my Journal production on track --since 99% of my work interaction is with people who can actually see grass and pavement when they look out their windows---sigh, I used to wish I was in Florida, but at this point, I'd settle for Jersey.

I'm blowing off the Kiwi Jubilee class at Capital Quilts this morning. Seems kind of pointless to waste two hours that I could be spending in line at the grocery store, or driving all over creation looking for a snow shovel attending a class which turned out to be a bit redundant, due to the fact that you were required to purchase a totally comprehensive, easy to understand, well-illustrated pattern. (Not one of my brightest instructional investments, this class, but it won't happen again. I'll be asking if there's a pattern on the class list for any future classes I sign up for.)

Our homework from the first class last Tuesday was to go home and follow the pattern to make our blocks and the piano key border.

Once the pattern becomes your 'instructor', you're all threaded up, and the fabric is laying about, why stop and pack it up until the next class-- especially since you're snowbound. Just finish the darn thing. (Which I almost did).

It's hanging on the design wall. Just need to cut some 6.5" strips of that blue batik on the left to border the entire thing, back, quilt and bind (probably in black), and it's done. Not sure yet who's going to get this one or if it will stay at home (being the first Bali Pop quilt and all, and noting that the hubs seems to have an affinity for batik).

Well, I'm off to get dressed and slip and slide my way out of here before the Winter Storm Gods unleash their wrath upon us. I'll check back later. That is if we continue to be blessed with electricity. This storm is calling for high winds. We managed to stay warm and fed and lit last storm, not so sure it's going to be in the cards for us this one. I can only hope.

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