Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmageddon - Day 1 - Night

Tomorrow we will have a new name for the atmospheric conditions around here. Check back. I think you'll like it. (Though it's going to be a tough one to find a tune for)

It was nice to be able to see the sky this afternoon.

Even Bailey couldn't believe that there was still a sun.

The hubs is NOT having any fun. (And he didn't get much farther down the driveway than this)

I shoveled a few inches off last night and he went out again a few hours later and shoveled again, so there's a little less than 28" to move, but it's still heavy, and there's still a lot of it.

Just heard on the news tonight that the County Executive is now saying they aren't sending plows into the neighborhoods until Monday night, so we've got some time to chip away at the shoveling. Or I guess I should say the hubs has some time...because I'll be continuing to work on

I love the design wall. Think I'll play around with the placement a little more before I sew it into 6 larger blocks. Then I've got to cut the piano keys and it's on to pincushions and the Diamonds challenge. Looks like Monday will be a snow day, so lots of quilty work should be coming.

Have a good to watch SNL.

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