Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Night....Diamonds or Amazing Race?

Friday Night's Sew In was more accurately described as (Seam)Ripperfest.

It is not easy ripping out double needle stitching where the backing is two layers of black poly batting and the thread is black. I spent more time ripping out stitches than I did putting them in, and I didn't do the most excellent job of putting them in either. But I think I should be able to successfully mask all the little folds I stitched in with strategically placed applique (that is if I could only figure out what that applique is going to be). So no photo of Friday night's work on Diamonds because I'd like to keep those little mistakes to myself.

I did make 4 pincushions for a pincushion challenge in my online quilt group.

Little tote bags with tiny heart yoyos.

Under the little flap is a needle felt.

Anna and I had a nice time in Frederick yesterday. The yarn shop was a little on the minimalist side, at least in my opinion as a non-knitter. And both Anna and I found the 'event' to be just a tad 'granola-y'. Lots of spinning wheel action, and the live music was nice, calm Mother Earth kind of entertainment. What did surprise me was how expensive all this yarn was....There was yarn that was $69 a hank and Anna tells me you'd need 6 of them to make a scarf. And I thought quilting was an expensive hobby!

We stopped in Needles and Pins first (I know, I know....). Since Anna was with me I asked her to help me pick out some fabric for a baby quilt for her first grandchild. Since her daughter is being difficult and won't divulge the sex (she doesn't want to be bombarded with 'pink' or 'blue'), and she tells people to use gender neutral green....I picked out a little dusty pink, some dusty blue and green for the top,  and a kind of neutral, and not too cutesy back. What do you think? It's all flannel.

And here's a photo of the Tillett Design fabric my future SIL brought back for me from her trip to the Virgin Islands during Winter Break. It's hand printed. Jim Tillett was a well-known screen printer back when we lived in St. Thomas, so I was excited to have some fabric from his studio.

Not sure what I'll use it for, but I'm sure I'll find something.

Dinner last night was great--I made lasagna and salad Friday night to take the heat off the guys. Not that I needed to, but it just seemed to be the path of least resistance where everyone could enjoy themselves and not have to worry about meeting expectations. All that was required was to bake the lasagna, toss the salad and make garlic bread....oh, and pop the cork on the bottle of Veuve that's been tempting me since Christmas. Anna and I found a bakery in Frederick and picked up some cannolis, pecan pie and orange cream (like creamsicle) mousse, so after dinner we had a fabulous dessert. And today I am on a serious diet.


  1. totally love the pincushion tote...including the design and the color of the fabric...

  2. WOW - The pincushion totes are great. Haven't seen that pattern before, or did you make it up? And who can stay out of a fabric shop anyway, one must keep tabs on them least we miss something.

  3. Love those pincushions! The fabric for the baby, good idea.

    As for mistakes and not showing them on your blog, normally I'm that way but last week I had a different feeling. So I created a giveaway surrounding those photos. (It's on until the 28th if you want to join.) I just couldn't "not" post the hangups I created in trying to make a table topper fast and furious!

    I hope you find your applique design soon. :)


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