Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmageddon - Day 1 - Morning

Only one photo so far. Rather than post a frame of nothing but white as far as the eye can see, here's a little something hopeful:
Of course, right after I took this photo all the snow above the bay window this tree is in front of came crashing down. I wondered if he survived the avalanche, and it was confirmed about 20 minutes later when I looked outside the office window and found that he had returned to the buffet line for seconds.

First thing out of bed  (even before I had coffee--the horror!) I had to pull on the boots and shovel some sort of path through 2 feet of the white stuff for the dogs. Let me tell you, they are not happy. Paco tried to run out the door the minute it opened, and disappeared into snow three times as deep as he is tall. Panic'd, he managed to turn around and tear back into the house. Once I shoveled a little path, it wasn't easy coaxing him from under the blankets in our nice warm bed where traumatized, he took refuge with his daddy. Short of tossing his little doggy butt out the door, he grudgingly complied with my orders to deploy outside. Maybe it was the threat of not getting breakfast unless he took care of business. At any rate, the dogs are going to need an area much larger than what I've cleared so far, especially since I can't foresee this melting for a month, but I'll get to that later. Or maybe the hubs will, but someone has to shovel the driveway in anticipation of being able to get out of here someday.

Speaking of the driveway, there is nothing worse than shoveling 30" of snow and then the plow finally comes up the street. (I usually cry). Effectively immediately I am claiming responsibility for all inside work this weekend, let the hubs be responsible for the outside (I can't remember the last time I saw him's time).

I'll be back later with more photos. Right now it's blizzarding and there's not much to see other than a sea of white. Stay tuned, and please join me in thinking happy, positive thoughts, that our electricity stays on (and is returned to the 76,000 people just up the road without power).


  1. I hope u keep your Electric! This storm is missing us here in western NY. Be safe!

  2. At least you had coffee!! We woke up at 4 to no power and finally got it back about 1:30 this afternoon. I think we were the beneficiary of being in a "hot spot" of LOTS of losing power all at once.

    Unfortunately, it's been all shoveling and no sewing today. Tomorrow is another day!


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