Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowmageddon Is Upon Us!

It has begun....SNOW DAY!

Toilet Paper?
More than we could possibly drink, check
Snow shovel?
Check (wanna buy it? sell it to you for $200)
Coconut M&Ms?
Check (get those cross country skis out of the closet, Anna)
Red Wine?
Three Olives, Chopin,Stohli, Grey Goose, Gordons, Pepper, Chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla......okay, check 

Snowpocalypse Now....BRING IT ON!

I'll keep you updated on the progress made in the studio and just how much snow we wind up with. Two feet is the forecast. The wait to check out in the grocery store has just surpassed an hour, they're offering big bucks for snow shovels outside the hardware stores (if you were lucky enough to get one from that last shipment that truck dropped off late this morning (and someone didn't punch you in your eye and take it away from you)). The lines at the gas stations are ridiculous....WHY? Where are you going to drive to if there's 24" of snow on your street?

Our office just didn't bother to open today. They could have as it didn't start to flurry until around 11 and the temps didn't drop to below freezing until an hour ago. But the Feds closed 4 hours early, so I guess we just figured why bother. Works for me!

I took one last stock of sewing supplies, waited for the FedEx man to deliver my new/repaired laptopsicle (I had to sign for it, and it was so cold I wanted to defrost it in the microwave), and then I bolted out of here to Hancock to pick up some Gutermann cottton thread for piecing and a few bottles of Mary Ellen's Best Press (wonderful stuff!).

Since I'll undoubtedly be stricken with cabin fever in about 12 hours, I headed over to Michaels and picked up some shadowboxes, mat paper, and spray paint and I'm going to maybe tear apart my machine quilting sampler and make three separate hangings out of it. Can't spray paint it yet until I'm sure it will work, but should I decide I need to do something more hands-on than stitching, I've got a project waiting.

I'm off to stack some firewood in the basement while I can still get to it freely. If I finish anything tonight (between taking turns shoveling the walks/steps/poop path for dogs/driveway), I'll be back with photos.

Wherever you are, stay warm and keep safe, and if you happen to see Ben Affleck, Billy Bob or Bruce Willis, please let them know that we could sure use them here in the Nation's Capital to deal with the upcoming atmospheric onslaught.


  1. Enjoy your snow day. No such thing here in Australia.

    We dont even get "it's too hot to go to work days". Bummer.

    Hope you get lots done and feel amazingly creative.

  2. Cant wait to see the snow pictures...I am from Maryland and really miss seeing the snow...I just watch the news now and talk to my daughter and my friends who are still there and get second-hand snow feelings.

  3. Too hot to go to work days .....every winter I swear that I will never, EVER complain about the heat again. Our last electric bill for a month was $523. I turned the heat down, so we're living at a tepid 68 degrees. (I just tell myself that if I were in the islands, 68 would be a lovely temperature for the evening...suck it up!)

  4. I'll have photos for you tomrorow Bertie. I've been out to shovel once so far--heavy and wet, so it pays to shovel in fits and starts. The bulk of the snow is scheduled for after 3 a.m., but I don't think the neighbors would appreciate the shovel scraping the driveway noise, so I'm done, and the hubs hasn't left the couch since he got home at 3:00.

  5. I just am so jealous the area is getting so much snow the 1 year I'm not living there! :( Oh well, guess I'd be complaining about shoveling if I was there, right? Enjoy the calm quiet fresh snow brings.

  6. Enough! I'm off to the southern hemisphere :) Keep warm and keep sewing, it'll soon be spring.


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