Friday, February 19, 2010

Can't Wait for the Friday Night Sew In

I think you can still sign up, so if you're interested, click on the link and join us.

No stitching for me this week so far. I burned out after the long weekend. Saving it up for tonight.

I'll be spending tomorrow with Anna, so no sewing on Saturday. We're going shopping in Old Town Frederick. I heard there's a knitting store with an 'event' there and she's a knitter, so I've volunteered to show her around. Probably will stay out of Needles and Pins, since I really don't need anything after last week's Sistos and Capital Quilts sprees, but I do want to hit a few of my favorite gift shops in the immediate area (Ecclectibles and Accents at Shab Row), just to see what's new. There's a new makeup shop and a pottery shop and new artist/crafters shop I haven't been to---might find something Spring and pretty for the studio. And of course, a stop at The Perfect Truffle is scheduled.

Then I think we'll lunch at Mimi's. I love Mimi' least I love the Mimi's in Viera, FL. The one in Frederick was just okay the one time I was there for dinner. They have the best salads, and muffins on the side. Yum!

Mimi's is in the same shopping center Coldwater Creek is in, so it's possible we pop in there after lunch. Chicos is in that center as well, and I think Anna likes Chicos. There's a couple things in the Coldwater Catalog I could use my $20 off coupon on.

Not that I really need anything, but, girls day out shopping.....can't come home empty-handed now, can we?

And we've planned a stop at Costco. The Costco in Frederick is a thousand times better than the one in our town (Gaithersburg). And bonus....English is their primary language.

The plan is that the guys are in charge of dinner. Now I have suggested that they fix dinner for us. The hubs can cook--most excellently. Dave can't. Dwight can cook and Dave can be in charge of libations, or Dwight can cook and teach Dave a little something along the way, or Dave can prevail and we can all go out for dinner. Doesn't matter much to me, but ideally, I'd prefer 'dining in', considering we'll be 'spending out' all afternoon :)

I'll check in later tonight and post photos from the Sew In. Then I'll be back on Sunday to report on the Diamonds Challenge progress. The clock is ticking and I need to remember that time stops for no one, not even the Queen of Procrastination.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the sew-in, looking forward to seeing what you got up to.

  2. I hope your night was a success and dinner was, at the very least, edible!


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