Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Couldn't Resist Coming Back to Share These Photos

Those of you that know me will attest that I am not a person who takes pictures. I didn't remember to take a photo of our Christmas tree on Christmas morning after Santa came this year. When I have a party, I depend on Anna or Margaret to document the festivities. So all these little blog photos are quite the turnabout for me.

Tonight the snow started again, and while there are very few white powdery substances I disdain (oh, don't be so shocked, who doesn't like confectioners sugar, talcum powder, Turks and Caicos beaches), snow is number one with a bullet on the 'I Can Do Without' list.

Sitting here in the office for a quick email check before heading back to the studio to rip out some freemotion quilting gone awry, I can't help but be sucked in by the scene outside the office window. So much so, that it propels me back upstairs for the digital camera I knew would take a passable picture through glass, without a flash or a tripod (my Olympus SP320).

And since I took about 20 pictures...


It's quickly becoming evident, yet again, that for the second time this week, our weather forecasters have failed to make the correct call for our  neck of the woods. An hour ago they were standing by 4" saying the snow had stopped. Well, we're at about 6" and it's still coming down.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go upstairs, put my jammies on inside out, and jump into bed while visions of SNOW DAY! dance through my head. (I'll happily settle for an 'okay to work from home' day, '3 hour delay' day...).


  1. I hope you have a wonderful snow day at home - and there wasn't TOO much snow in the end! I think the big trucks are on there way to bring some back to Vancouver for the Olympics :)))

  2. Bring on the trucks...I'll help load 'em up. Sadly, no snow day (unless you are a kid). So I'm at the away from home office today. Sigh...

  3. Great pictures of the dreaded white stuff - well worth getting the camera for. Apparently it's coming our way, brrr.


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