Thursday, February 11, 2010

(Pretending there is not 36" of snow outside)

Well, it's day 5 of the office being closed, and while I do check in every hour or so to keep my journal moving through production, I'm putting in a bit of studio time.

We've managed to keep our electricity, if not our sanity, through the storm.

There's a snowplow actually stuck in our neighborhood, at least he was stuck this morning when my husband ventured out, and he has phoned to tell me to stay home because he doesn't want me freaking out and getting stuck in the deep stuff getting around him. No problem.

Yesterday I got the quilt top finished for Kiwi Jubilee:

Here's the fabric for the back of it

And I've put on the Suz Zwizzle hat and I'm angst-ing over the diamond challenge piece.

Here's the first wasted hour from last night:

It took forever to figure out how to lay those little 1" strips between the diamonds and then once sewn, I've got a long wavy strip which will not be conducive to sashing together with more 1" strips of that spendy silk/cotton which is now destined for the wastebasket.

So I tried to piece them together without the sashing. Still difficult to line them up, but a little better. The worst was trying to line up the seams when connecting two pieced strips, I've worn out one seam ripper so far:

The call for help has been placed, and I'm going to soldier on for another hour or so and see if I can attach a third strip, but I don't have 19 hours to make the background, so if I can't conquer this demon shortly, I'm going to need to abandon ship and move on to the next challenge.

Back to tearing my hair out (and to check my email to see if there's any diamond enlightenment in it).

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