Sunday, February 7, 2010

snOwMG - Day 2 - Morning

It's hard to believe we've actually been working our butts off outside and its not quite noon.

Here's the driveway (note the little path on the left to get out to the as yet unplowed street). The hubs went out after breakfast and promptly broke the shovel. What is it about men and patience? Plastic shovel, plastic handle, ergonomically bent so you don't hurt yourself and he wants to load it up with 2 feet of snow at a time, weighing roughly 30 pounds or so. Then he wonders why the plastic handle breaks.

Now he's left with the garden shovel and two extremely heavy metal and wood-handled plowing shovels (meant to push, not lift and throw). For perspective, you can park two rows of 2.5 cars in our driveway. He made it half way down and a roving band of kids with shovels took over for $20 (which explains the 4 foot wall of snow at the end and the little pathway for their escape).

We'll deal with that and  whatever the plow leaves when the time comes (which may not be until tomorrow night). At least the actual driveway is done and the sun has melted to pavement. Now we can pull the cars out of the garage up to the wall of snow and back them into the garage again.

My job was to clear out around the downspouts and shovel my way (using the garden shovel) to the heat pump and clear around that. On my way I took a little measurement:

26.5 inches in this spot, and it was 27.5 inches in another, so we'll call it 27.

Then the hubs took the camera and took a couple scenic photos. (Actually, he was all about the driveway photos and slipped in a couple other shots)

Obviously, you won't be ringing our doorbell (that is, if it worked---haven't bothered fixing it as the dogs are covering it) anytime soon. 3 of the front steps are totally buried.

And here's our little friend from yesterday. He's already taken off two corners of that suet block. At the rate he's going, he is not going to be able to achieve lift off. He'll be rolling home.

Speaking of rolling, I need to get rolling up to the studio before the day slips away from me.


  1. All I can say on your blogs and the others...."Wow, that is alot of snow!"

  2. I like the song, Pleasant Valley Sunday! LOL Boy, we got a lot of snow!!

    ttfn :) Yuki


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