Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waving The White Flag Now

It is with deep regret that I admit defeat on the Diamond Challenge. Sadly, it was a waste of time, fabric, thread, and sanity. But it was a learning experience

I cut diamonds, I made butterflies out of them, all sucked. Nothing was working, so I got the bright idea to spend a couple of hours snipping batik fabric into confetti. I told myself that this was the last straw. If it didn't work, I was done. (The little plastic trays came out of chocolate covered cherry candy boxes. I save a lot of strange things, but when I saw these I was sure I could use them for something, and I was right--so the day wasn't a total loss.)

Now, the next photo is not pretty and it's not something I'm proud of. At this point, I'm over it. But this is what I then spent another 2 hours doing.

They are supposed to be the start of a flower garden. And then there was going to be a big confetti sun, and a couple of diamond shaped butterflies flitting about (strategically covering some double needle errors).  But it was just all too damn black (guild mandated black background for the challenge). I think that was my whole problem, I o.d.'d on black diamonds.

Not exactly the confetti job I was aspiring to. (Blech!)

Obviously Rick (the visiting grandpup) felt the same way I did (hangs fuzzy little head in shame and embarassment). You know, if your dog can't find something to like about the quilt you're working on, it's time to fold. Which is what I did. While I really wanted to throw it in the wastebasket, because I do not need to be reminded about how much time I wasted, the hubs said I should keep it. So I folded it up and packed it and it's remaining confetti away in the studio closet. One day I'll know the right way to confetti something, and I can use it as a practice base. (Save the planet and all)

So this is where I have been all week (actually, I avoided sewing all week because I knew I was heading for a train wreck, but I obsessed about it, just the same). I've learned a few lessons along the way. The sewing machine is dusted, oiled, and threaded up and ready to start the 'Bloomin' challenge tomorrow.

Let's hope I have better luck with that. Tomorrow's a new day.


  1. Oh Susan,

    I'm sorry your project didnt turn out the way you were planning. It really stinks when that happens.

    Packing it away for another day and a completely new life when you can stand to look at it again is the way to go.

    Good luck with the next project!

  2. So frustrating when something doesn't turn out like we want or invision.....but....Quilting in my Pyjamas is right, it happens, part of life...sorry.....

    Tomorrow is another day!!

  3. Thanks for the sympathy, ladies. I'm looking forward to a fresh start today.

  4. Hi, Susan! Perhaps you can use your confetti or some of your flowers on a pillow instead? That way all isn't lost. I've seen some pretty pillows where they take a shape and sew down the center of each onto a pillow front. Like this...

    Or are you confetti too small?


I appreciate and look forward to your comments. Thanks for reading. Happy quilting!