Sunday, February 7, 2010

snOwmg! - Day 2 - Afternoon

Happy, happy, joy, joy (I wasn't sure how to spell hallelujah). The street has had a lane plowed, (big ole front end loader took care of that with two small pickups with plows following after). The little plows assisted the hubs in clearing off the massive wall of snow at the bottom. That was pretty funny. The minute people heard the sound of a vehicle they all ran out to the end of their driveways and stood there. Most of the menfolk sent out the womenfolk (I guess they figured the trucks would be more sympathetic to the ladies).

The first attempt was quashed with one of our neighbors chasing down the street after one of the plows. Apparently the front end loader clearing the cul de sac didn't recognize a couple of driveways and commenced to dump ALL of the cul de sac snow in front of two of them (they must not have been shoveled yet, so he couldn't see them). We're talking 8 foot wall of snow. The two little trucks came back and cleaned it up and on their up and back they pushed a little off our driveway each time for the hubs. (He lives right).

This neighbor up the street had the right idea. She's a single, older woman, same driveway as ours. She just hijacked a mini front end loader to do her whole driveway.

He's now sitting across the street. I don't know, it appears he's either looking for storm drains, trying to give us 2 lanes of street, or just passing time until he can clock out for SuperBowl. Or maybe he knows we've got a 60" TV and the nachos are ready to go into the oven and everything's ready for the tacos for later--yum!

About the only thing left to deal with is the mailbox

Do we really want any bills next week?  Not really. And at some point we're going to need to tunnel in to the storm drain so it's got somewhere to go once it melts, but let's not think about that now.

Perspective for how high the hubs had to toss the snow. That broken shovel comes up to my shoulders.

The white horizon line you see there is outside the front door. That baby's not opening any time soon.

Okay, enough photos for now, time to put the nachos under the broiler and freshen my drink. It's been a good afternoon sewing. Hope the Federal Government allows me keep up the momemtum.....WOO HOO, the hubs just came in and reported that the Feds have closed tomorrow....that means no work for me (we loosely follow the Feds). Doin' the happy dance (spin, twirl, shake the booty). As much as I hate snow, there's times (like right now) that I think it's just swell!

GO SAINTS! (Hate the Colts for their middle of the night sneak out of Baltimore)

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