Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's a Brand New Day!

The cutting table is waiting for an assignment...

The sewing table ready for a new mess

And the fabric for the 'Bloomin' Challenge' awaits.

Challenge criteria:

Each of the three fat quarters (the pink, paisley and teal) must appear on the front of the quilt in a recognizable amount. The maximum perimeter of the quilt is 160", any shape, or you can also submit a wearable any size (hmm....a little something for Barbie would certainly go fast....).

There is no 'theme'. I've never seen a previous challenge (this is 'Bloomin' Challenge VI'), so I'm flying blind. Does 'Bloomin'' refer to flowers? Ya' got me.

I love the paisley and I love the teal, so I bought extra. I also bought the coordinating's got kind of a 'woodgrain' look to it, so I'm thinking border of some kind.

The pink, ah the pink. HATE IT! And no, I can't use it for the binding. Well, I can, but it stil has to appear in the quilt top; in a 'recognizable' amount, which, thankfully, doesn't need to be much. (It will help if I just close my eyes and envision Tim Gunn telling me 'Make it work!')

Check back later to see what I've come up with. Not so much pressure on this one. I just need to turn in the finished size and a registration form tomorrow at Guild. I can slide on the photo. But I do plan to start on it before the weekend it's due. Maybe I can scan the color copies I made of the fabrics into EQ6 and use this project to learn EQ6---multitasking!!! Yeah, that's the ticket!!!

Stick around and enjoy the Rainbow Brite song selection, if you've got the time. And I won't tell you that the minute I loaded it up, it started to flurry outside. Sheesh!

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