Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finished My First Quilt

I fell in love with the Moda Posh fabric line a few weeks ago so I ordered a jelly roll and a pack of charm squares. ('Jelly Roll' cute is that!). Anyway, admidst all the various projects in progress I've got going on, I have managed to complete this quilt, which will be a cozy throw in the family room.

I really wanted to freemotion quilt it, but when I started it (on two separate occasions) I had trouble with skipping stitches. Now I am strictly a beginner quilter, but I just felt that something wasn't right, and it might have been the thread. Yet I really wanted ot use that thread because it was so perfect--the variegated thread that had all my colors in it, so I just whipped out the old Walking Foot and tediously stitched in the ditch along each strip and block.

I found the perfect pink already made bias quilt binding, so I saved some time there. Machine stitched down one side and practiced my applique stitch blindstitching the binding on the back side.

This was a happy quilt to work on because of the colors and the patterns, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on it

I'm so excited and can't wait to start on another. Hopefully I'll be able to freemotion my next project without having the skipped stitches. Maybe I should make a few sandwiches and practice, it could very well be 'operator error'.

Friday, June 27, 2008

We're Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am....
  • A New Quiltmaker with Lofty Aspirations (I aspire to Baltimore Album greatness)
  • Santa Maker Extraordinaire (Jack Sparrow Santa--need I say more)
  • Lover of All Things Gingerbread
  • Crazy Christmas Lady (15 trees, 1 in each room. Any more than that and people start to wonder if you also have 300 cats in your house)
  • A Quixotic ('rash, lofty ideas') Crafter

and, most noteworthy

  • The Queen of Procrastination (life is short, why not wait until the last minute to do things--especially those things you don't really want to do)

which explains why it has taken me so long to jump on the 'blogwagon'.

But I have been having such a good time reading other people's blogs and enjoying the photos of their creative endeavors that I want to share my artistic pursuits as well. So here I am.

I feel like I've jumped into the deep end of the pool without a pool noodle. I can only hope that over the next few weeks, I'll find myself swimming with the sharks.