Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Decade, Let's Talk Resolutions

First off, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy 2010, and I sincerely hope that this decade brings us all the peace and prosperity that was lacking in the last.

Who's made their resolutions for the New of hands.

I've decided that since I never actually carry through with any resolutions I make that I'd try something new this year and just set three or four loose guidelines for myself.

The hubs would suggest that the first be to immediately go upstairs to the quilt studio and set up the new laptop that's been sitting there unused for the past 6 weeks or so and get off this one so he can check his fantasy lineups -- okay, I'll consider that one. In the meantime, he's occupied in the kitchen making cream of mushroom soup for tonight's prime rib, fettuccini, Caesar salad New Years' dinner (yes, I am a very lucky woman).

While I'd love to lose some weight (wouldn't we all), that's a no-brainer, and a wasted guideline. Since we're always wanting to do that, why resolve to do something that should be achieved without needing a spot on a 'list'. That would kind of be like putting 'change underwear daily' on it. It's a given. Let's use that space for something more achievable in a short amount of time....something like.....grow longer and fuller eyelashes in 30 days. (Seriously, I'm not kidding here...Santa brought me Latisse for Christmas)

Okay, so now we've got 2....

1. Set up new laptop
2. Grow longer and fuller eyelashes in 30 days.

We need one more. Any ideas? Oooh, oooh (hand waving furiously....'pick me, pick me')...I've got it. And I think it's the mother of all guidelines. While the first will be accomplished today (okay, so maybe by the end of the weekend), and the second will be over in a month, this one will play out ALL YEAR.

3. Take the time to do something I love to do every single day.

There you go, resolutions (loose guidelines) done. Now I'm going to go pour myself another mimosa and go work on two of them (and no, the mimosa isn't fulfilling one of them).

But first, this is the last quilt completed in 2009. The Christmas coffee table quilt. (Can't have a blog entry without photos now, can we?)

Enjoy your day! And if you'd like to borrow any of my loose guidelines, especially the third one, feel free.


  1. Very nice quilt and guidelines. I haven't posted my resolutions yet but will tomorrow. In the meantime, I am seriously going to think on your 3rd one and incorporate this into my own future planning. Happy new year!

  2. Susan - Happy New Year - from Roberta

    Please let me know how those eyelashes work out - my daughter wants to give them a try...

    Love your guidelines!

  3. Happy New Year to all of you as well. Thanks for the quilt compliment SQ. Roberta, when I'm done I'll post the before/after eyelash photos. (No change since last night's first application :) )


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