Saturday, January 30, 2010

S-Noooooooo!-wing Again

I know, what do I expect, after all, it IS winter. But yesterday the word was this was all going to be south of us, so no one even thought they'd be hostage to the house for the day. Whatever.

The blizzard condition view from the studio a couple hours ago. Just after I finished...

INSTALLING THE TRACK LIGHTS. Ta-da!!! Free track, free lights (cast-offs from the hubs' office). Cost me just under ten bucks for the channel strips  going across the ceiling and down the wall to hide the cord. (I'll most likely paint them to match the wall)

Look at how well-lit the sewing area is now. I can also point them at the cutting table which is to the left and behind me. I am loving it. I've got great daylight with those two large windows, but the ceiling fan lighting and the Ott lights on the desk and cutting table just weren't cutting it for my aging eyesight (which is just now beginning to be obstructed by my super long and full eyelashes ). Now I am all set, and I can see to rip out even the tiniest machine quilting stitches with ease at 1:00 a.m.

I still have one can left, and another track. I could always install that track over the cutting table and take a couple of the cans from this track (which has five 50 watt halogens) and have the best lit studio in the neighborhood. Will need to think about that. Drilling holes in the ceiling for anchors and snapping those cans into the track right resulted in more than one broken nail this afternoon. Maybe next time I happen to be in Home Depot I'll pick up some more channel strip stuff and do it, but for now, I think I'll be satisfied with the fruits of today's labors.

Rearranged the bookshelves the other day. Funny how you can find things laying around that coordinate, if you look hard enough. The papered quilt mag holders have been on the shelf since May, mixed in with blue ones,the box was on top of the armoire, and the journal was one I picked up at Barnes and Noble for a buck to use for embroidery notes. Wah-lah...instant decor.

Studio is looking good, and inviting me to finish those preemie quilts you saw on the machine table. Too bad it's snowing, or I would have felt compelled to run out and buy three frames and take apart that machine quilting sampler you see on the wall next to the window and frame the three separate panels in white frames instead of having it sashed together. Sigh....a project for when the snow stops. (I do not do well waiting for things.....when I want something, I want it NOW!)

Speaking of which, I ordered EQ6 yesterday from Allbrands. The hubs was the one who suggested it. (But that's another story for another day.) So, another new toy arrives next week. Too bad the laptop is enroute to HP repairland. Guess I need to work on my patience quotient.

Enough to sew. Hopefully I can check in with some more January finishes by the end of tomorrow. Wherever you are, stay warm and do something you love.


  1. You have a wonderful jealous of your cutting table!!

  2. Thanks Barb, but you too can have my cutting table....2 shoe cubbies from Lowes and a finished wood top cut to size. Cheap, easy and versatile.


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