Saturday, January 23, 2010

Half Way Through the Weekend....Nooooooo!!!!!

Just got home from dinner, and two stops for desserts--Yogi Castle (yogurt) for me, Coldstone (ice cream) for him. While I'd love a cup of coffee, it's almost 10:30, so I think I should just bag it and curl up under the sheets with a book and get an early start tomorrow to make the best of the last day of the weekend.

Almost done with the Beach House quilt. It's recipient is in Park City skiing, so I hope to have it packed up and winging it's way to the Beach House Monday.

Today was retail therapy day. I headed up to Frederick this morning to use my Needles and Pins gift certificate, which was a lovely present from my daughter's boyfriend. Since I don't have a lot of backing fabric, I packed up three stacks of fabric projects with me for the hunt.

The first thing I found was this lovely Alex Anderson fabric that was perfect for the French fabric I bought in Houston this fall.

French looking, oui?

Here it is pictured with the quilt top fabrics:

C'est magnifique!

Next up, I carried all my indigos with me. I wasn't feeling it, but while my fabric was being cut, I looked at the Alex Anderson line one more time, put away the Nigerian and Asian indigos and focused on only the South African ones (shweshwe). And I think I found a good backing:

Not so sure about white, but the pointilism matches a few of the indigo prints, so I think it's going to work out just fine.

Lastly, I had carted along the Gees Bend quilt kit the hubs picked out for me for Christmas. I wanted to be fun and modern...not paying attention to the history of the pattern, but rather the color and the stark abstract, linear pattern. Always a fan of all things dotty, I picked this:

Lastly, after just about 2 hours of fabric agonizing and thread selecting, I meandered over to the batiks and decided that I really need something to use for the Diamonds challenge piece, so why not step even further out of my comfort zone and go a little crazy:

Crazy like a fox...a RED fox. Note the diamond batik on the left.

That's a lot of fabric....just about 18 yards total. I had my 'make my own sale' coupon they give you annually....good for 40% off all fabric cuts 1 yard or more, so it was a definite bargain bonanza.

Now I've got no excuses, and I've got quite a few projects that I'm totally locked and loaded for. And tomorrow is going to be a lazy, rainy Sunday...perfect for sewing. Hopefully tomorrow night I'll be posting a photo of the finished Beach House, and I'll be able to list it on my OPAM finished list.

BTW, this will be the 14th quilt I've finished. Not too shabby.


  1. Wow, that's a great haul, love those blues.

  2. My red batik with the diamonds has become barn doors on my first barn of the Quilt Barn BOM for 2010. love it


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