Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Worm Has Turned

Sorry I've been missing, and didn't update the tunes for Saturday. Picked up what I thought was a virus on Thursday, thought I had got rid of it, only to have it come back guns blazing Saturday morning, when I had to leave for the embroidery lecture.

Really wanted to avoid dealing with it when I got home, so I researched what I had and found out it was the netsky worm. Fired up one of the netbooks, found a geek site telling me how to get rid of it, heaved a heavy, heavy sigh at all the files I'd be deleting and regstry code I'd be slogging through to delete, and decided to just run the Malwarebytes free software scan (the hubs brought this home from work on Friday) as an excuse to put it off for another couple hours.

Putting the sad, sick laptop out of my mind, I headed to the studio to organize and start cutting 7" strips from my Kiwiberry Balipop for a batik French braid I'm classing on in a couple weeks, forgetting about the sad, sick laptop. (And see the pretty backing fabic? Hoffmann, half price at the LQS on Friday.)

After dinner (and a glass or two of Merlot), I decided that I needed to tackle the clean up since this is the computer I telecommute on and it would have to be operational Tuesday. Surprise, surprise! The Malwarebytes free software not only found the 33 infected files, but it also cleaned the registry, and now (knock wood), everything appears to be peachy keen. I must have been living right yesterday.

I was then able to go back upstairs, finish cutting strips, organize a new thread cabinet (a found set of rolling drawers that has been in the basement for years....which cleaned up nicely using patio furniture cleaner).

I had been thinking about acquiring a thread rack but then it would take up a surface, or ruin the total Zen of the room (not to mention clash with the existing art) if I hung it on the walls. Plus, who wants their thread exposed to light? Thread degrades quickly enough all by itself, it certainly doesn't need a sunny, well-lit room to fade it faster...especially when I'm paying six-plus bucks a spool for it. The cabinet also holds my Bernina embroidery unit, a drawer for hoops, a drawer for embroidery needles/ special scissors/other embroidery notions, one for software one for stabilizers, and two for threads (separated out by rayon/metallic and polyester). Pretty darn perfect storage solution, not to mention it was free. (The hubs should be proud, except I think I'm going out to JoAnn today or tomorrow for some more thread, and maybe a fabric calculator :) )

I just love a good organization! (Ah, and a fulfillment of a New Year's guideline to boot!) And yes, I have not yet begun to embroider, which is why you don't see that much thread...though the drawers aren't pulled all the way out and there's more sections...not to worry, I'll catch up with you (which is what worries the hubs).

And now that the snowmen have been returned to their tote in the basement, I've got a new sewing buddy (a gift from the hubs--he was partial to the palm tree):

Why of course, Jack, I'd love to share the rum...especially since today we are planning to freemotion the Beach House quilt.

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