Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today Was Hardly Blogworthy

I've got the merchandising assignment from Hell this week (and come to think of it, next week as well)  so I'm working 12 hour days for the rest of the week. It's all I can do to get trees taken down. Undecorated 3 today--the two fresh ones went to the curb for tomorrow's recycling, and the White Victorian is undone and needs to be boxed--needed to add some of it's ornaments to the traditional tree ornament box as I'm sending this tree and the majority of it's decorations packing next year (to my daughter). I told you I was cutting back....too much Christmas, not enough quilting makes a girl cranky.

Picked up pizza on the way home from merchandising (at 8:00, no less), and piddled away a couple hours watching the Hangover, which the hubs was sweet enough to pick up from the Red Box on his way home from work. He further impressed me by wrangling solo the two undecorated trees out of their stands--no easy feat, as one of them is 10 feet tall--and down to the curb. I think I need to pick up a pack of gold stars and make him a chart to hang on the refrigerator :)

Well, I really just popped in to update the tunes for you. Pretty boring day for me. Still no progress on Guideline #1, but I'm headed upstairs to lengthify the lashes and do something I love....which is to read myself to sleep with an Elm Creek Quilt book that I picked up at the library today.

Maybe by some miracle, I'll finish the merchandising up early tomorrow night and be able to something/anything in the studio (while watching whatever mindless awards show is on). Sigh.....

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