Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell to the weekend

Sadly I did not finish the Valentines' table quilt, and there's no way I could finish it in the next 48 minutes to call it an OPAM finish. So, I guess I've just got a phenomenal head start on a February OPAM finish.

I came downstairs for dinner and never made it back up to the studio, thanks to the Grammys. (I am a sucker for music awards shows). Oh well...still counts as something I love to do, so all is good.

I am heading back up to the studio to clean up from this afternoon's stitching, and I've got to watch at least one DVD that has to go back to the Guild library at tomorrow's meeting, so I think I'm going to start working on a pincushion or iron a shirt to wear to work toorrow as one of my last multitasks for the day.

Slow merchandising week coming up, and only one more mystery shop job, so I should have my evenings free this week to get stated on the quilt challenges. I think I'll take my sketchpad to the office tomorrow and see if I can pencil something out during lunch for the Diamonds and the Bloomin' challenges.

Off to see who's the big Grammy winner. I'll be back when I've got a February finished project to post.

Have a good week....take heart, Friday always manages to get here.

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  1. You did a wonderful job getting so much done this month whether you actually finished it or not. I think the point to a UFO/WIP/OPAM challenge is to motivate us quilty type people to actually finish some stuff (eventually), and as you saud your February finishes are going to awesome!

    On a Sunday night and a Monday morning Friday seems sooooooooo far away though!


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