Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

to the hubs. Just finished cleaning up the cake. I asked Jenifer to come over early to help with dinner and she made a lovely field greens salad with warm bacon vinagrette topped with a poached egg. I sauteed a few fresh zucchini and cooked some rather large New York Strips from Costco that I slathered with herb butter and wrapped in thick bacon before broiling. Melt in your mouth steak.

The boyfriend left before singing and cake to coach his girls' basketball team and Daddy and his little girl are reclining in the family room with the three dogs digesting the pineapple upside down cake I made for the Birthday Cake, and watching House.

Last night's track lighting didn't work out as I planned. I need some type of tubing to thread the cord through on it's way down the wall to the outlet, and since I'm not sure what's available for this, I can't decide whether I want the lights mounted on the ceiling or the top of the wall, so it will have to wait until I swing by Home Depot later this week.

Instead, I picked up needle and thread and I finished the Beach House quilt....label and all...and surprise, surprise, it already had a name, which I forgot's called 'Just Beachy' least that's what the label I made 6 or so weeks ago identified it as. Works for me.

I'll box that up later tonight so the hubs can UPS it to the beach house tomorrow. It will be much happier there, I'm sure (and come to think of it, so would I....I should just hand deliver it, don't you think?)

Enough rambling for tonight. I need to spend a few minutes with the family before I steal away to the studio.

Have a good night, and a better tomorrow

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