Monday, January 4, 2010

Are We Enjoying the Tunes So Far?

It's been fun amusing you with my little battery of day-themed music. Not sure what's going to come tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll find something. I'm enjoying playing DJ. But wait, I need a DJ name.....DJ Q-L-T, yeah, that's a good one. (More on the name obsession later).

Checking in on the guideline progress....nothing on #1 (but you already suspected that, didn't you?)

I think the eyelashes are definitely getting longer. Yay Latisse! Either that, or I've got some really good mascara going on (Bare Minerals Flawless Definition).

And I had a very good day for #3. It all began at Capital Quilts this afternoon when I popped in on my lunch hour to sign up for a few classes.....a 2-hour machine embroidery lecture, a 2-session Bali Pop throw, and a 3-hour couching class...I've always wanted to couch. And I can't wait to confuse people by talking about 'couching this' and how I 'couched' that. Or how I need a 'couching' foot.

Obviously, one cannot go into a quilt store and buy nothing....I did need a couple of fat quarters for the guild FQ raffle tonight, AND then I needed some of the new Robert Kaufmann Vera's Garden prints--light blue, brown, yellows and olive totally groovy 60s, yet seductively 10s:

And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, how could I not buy some of Sandy Gervais' L'Amour line for Moda?

I'm thinking table quilts from both of these. Quick gratification, happy little eye candy pieces resulting.

While at the guild meeting I picked up a little project....a paper-pieced 10" block for next year's raffle quilt. Okay, so I've only paper-pieced once, but give me some was a spiky NY Beauty, I think I can manage without a lot of hyperventilating. You'll hear about as I work on it.  I believe the Guild Vice President may have said something like 'don't screw up' when asking us to pitch in. Oh well, it was either that or carpal tunnel-inducing appliqued blocks. I think I came away with the lesser of two evils, but I'm ready, willing, and (I hope) able.

Won the Dear Jane pattern book on eBay tonight. I am now officially a Jane-iac. You'll soon be suffering--er..excuse me, living vicariously through the whole 225 block journey with me (at least, I hope you will....misery loves company you know).

Tomorrow we will discuss my new 'nom de quilt'. I'm planning to one day be an art quilter (at least I need to be for the upcoming Diamonds challenge quilt), so I need a new name that is impossible to pronounce (think Kaffe Fassett) correctly. I'd like to kick some ideas by you.

At the moment I've got a lot going on (Beach House quilt, 2 challenge quilts, quilt show entry, charity quilts and pillowcases, machine embroidery....GUIDELINE #1!), so maybe I should just shut up and sew.

Have a tranquil Tuesday...and don't forget to buy a Mega Millions ticket! Remember...Ya' gotta play to win.


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  1. I am pumped up ... and exhausted ... just reading about your days! I think it's time to get my little baby machine working. My fingers are itching for pin pricks! LOL!


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