Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March OPAM Finishes

It's been a lovely evening. DD's 26th birthday is tomorrow and she's got plans so we had a lovely dinner and celebration this evening. She requested grilled garlic and red pepper shrimp and warm bacon/egg/frisee salad. To that I added steaks, steamed artichokes and the hubs made his special baked potatoes. Add to that a couple pitchers of margaritas and an ice cream cake and it was the perfect birthday celebration (of course, a card full of cash to take to the casino tomorrow (where she's celebrating with her friends), was the real icing on the cake, as far as she was concerned).

Photo above is my studio orchid. Almost in full bloom. It seems to really like the creative vibe in here. I can't remember if was the blooming orchid in here last year or not. There's another in bloom downstairs. I should bring it up to keep this one company.

The reason I'm here is to post two OPAM finishes for March. I almost had another (the challenge quilt), but I still haven't gotten the binding. If you know me, you know when I say it's going to be done that you need to add a week or two to that date. (And if you want me there at 4:00, be sure to tell me you need me at 3:30).

Here's First Cloth Convergence:

This one is Opposites Attract. If I haven't mentioned it before, each black on white fabric is the exact print as each white on black fabric used. Needle turn applique (my first foray) and machine quilted. Swarovski crystal embellishments (also a first).


Well, tomorrow is another day. Working, of course. Jealous of the hubs who is taking the day off to golf. I should be able to get some sewing done tomorrow evening. I've got to get a head start on April finishes. There's a couple of Bernina mastery course notebooks, an embroidery module, cutwork software and EQ6 all demanding my attention. I need to start parcelling out time to spend on each, in addition to tackling some of the projects waiting in the wings.

Spring brings us a fresh start. I hope to make the best of it, and also find time to tend to the garden. Where's my DayTimer?

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  1. My goodness Susan they are stunning...well done on your finishes....Peg OPAM 2010


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