Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Another lovely spring day. Fortunately, it's a telecommute day, so it's just a step outside the office and I'm out in the sunny, warm weather. Frequent breaks today (wink).

Here's how we're shaping up. This is the Magnolia out front. This will flower multple times between now and fall.

While the rest of the neighborhood is flush with daffodills, the pentultimate sign of spring, we got:


We yanked all the mature landscaping last year to start over and all but this and maybe 3 tulips bought the farm.

For a person who seriously does not have a green thumb, loves the flowers, but not the gardening, and still has a box of summer bulbs I bought at Costco LAST SPRING sitting in the garage, it's pretty amazing that some little grocery store primroses I haphazardly chucked into the ground when I got tired of watering them inside the house have bloomed.

There's three more on the kitchen windowsill. If I didn't know better (never plant flowers here until after Mother's Day), I'd paw out a couple holes and give these guys some company. Not sure I can still be responsible for them inside the house for another 6 weeks.

And while not the most stellar specimen (actually, the lamest one in the entire neighborhood), the small forsythia I bought for the hubs last year has survived being a source of deer food and has actually attempted to show us a little Spring color. Maybe that will last through the weekend. Doubtful with the number of deer on the loose here. Sadly, it will likely become just another tasty morsel (along with a few hundred dollars worth of perennials that went in last year that seem to have vanished into thin air over the winter).

Maybe I'll be back later to share some stitching. That is, unless I succumb to Spring Fever when I get off in the  next hour and take this show on the road rather than up to the studio. The hubs is out golfing, the lucky ducky, and I'm seriously thinking about requesting an emergency day off for tomorrow. There's just something about near 80 degree days in April that scream "CALL IN SICK". (grin)


  1. Enjoy the weather! Instead of eating the lunch I brought at my desk, some of us went down the street to a burger shop with outdoor tables.

    Extra bonus, in about an hour and a half, I start a 4 day weekend. (They give us Good Friday and I took off Monday) And the weather is supposed to be mostly gorgeous for the weekend. Ahhhhhh!

  2. You go girl!!!!!!!! It's times like these I wish I were in school so I could have Spring Break.


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