Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cupcake Explosion

First thing out the gate this morning and while stopping to do at least one thing creative before plugging in the vacuum, I was adding a little stuffing to the chocolate cupcake pincushion and it exploded. Can't blame this one on the quiltergeists--that'll teach me to use only 2 strands of embroidery floss!. So I had to sit down and regather (doubled the floss strand this time)/

Much better. No more creasing, and it will be much puffier once it's seated and glued into the ramekin. Need to add a little more stuffing to the red velvet and vanilla cupcakes and do a little hand embroidery and add beads and cherries and I'm done. Then we're off to do a little quilting, or maybe maybe make some donut pincushions. Depends on the mood.

Right now, it's back to vacuuming and dusting. Must get the drudgery out of the way before we can play. Another rainy day, perfect for hanging in the studio.

Wherever you live, whatever your weather, I hope you get to spend a little of your day on creative endeavors and have some fun.


  1. Susan - couldn't link to your Email via Karen C's post -- so I'm going this route. Thank you for sending the link for T-shirt quilt makers for me. I checked out her webpage page ...liked what I saw, but you're right that she is a wee bit on the expensive side. May have to go that route anyway, little chance of finding the fabric to stablish the T-shirts here in Sicily and I really don't want to have the T-shirts hanging around until we move back to the states in 8-10 years. Thank you again. Pam aka Holly Berry Elf, CTTM

  2. OK girl enough of these rainy day songs . . . I live in the Seattle area (although it doesn't rain here all the time we like the folks in the rest of the country to think it does) I think you are weather depressed with all your bad weather lately. Go do a silly dance - you'll feel better and then off to quilten' - forget the housework for one weekend.

  3. loooooooooooooooove your cupcakes...


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