Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Lancaster AQS Photos

Today we'll feature some of the non-winning entries. Let's focus on wild animals.

Pretty cool. The border on this zebra is a print, it's not pieced together stripes.

So today, I earned bonus points for controlling the urge to run out to the Fat Quarter Frenzy at Capital Quilts. Sure, FQs were $1.25 each, no limit. And yes, they increase to $2.75 apiece tomorrow. And while we all know that you can never have enough fabric, I exercised superhero control and refrained from leaving the studio.

An hour before the sale began, I took critical inventory of the FQ stock in my cutting table, and I'm pretty sure that I have more FQs than I could possibly use up in the next five years. That was my 'aha' moment. I need to use up what I have. Be it on charity quilts, donations, strip needs to move out before new ones can move in. Such a noble mindset for a rainy Sunday afternoon. It helps to adopt the mantra that what you let pass by today will be replaced by something even more eye-catching tomorrow.

I did pick these up at the show on Friday. They've all got a bit of metallic/glitter in them. And with packaging like this, how could you possibly resist.

Neatly folded under a wide satin ribbon with a classy label.

Anyway, I've got to get back to the machine quilting on the challenge quilt. Been working on it all day and I'm almost done. Last night I bound the other 2 show quilts, and sewed on the sleeves. All that's left to complete are the labels, so we are on the fast track for finishes in March. Woo hoo!

Check back tomorrow for a few more show photos. I'll leave you with a closeup of yesterday's begonia. Amazing how the stitching brings the flower to life.

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