Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Even More Lancaster Photos

Sorry I missed yesterday. Didn't even get a chance to sew. Nor tonight. Tonight I decided to actually be on top of something and made airline reservations for Vegas at the end of August and booked 2 of 6 hotel nights. Hoping to hotel hop on comps, so I jumped on a free Friday and Satruday night at Mirage while it was still available. Need to book Weds/Thurs and Sun/Mon. Just waiting for offers to come in.

It's Vegas instead of Houston this year (unless I win the lottery between now and the first week of November). But the airfare was better if we spent extra days, and since the hotels are free, it's a 7 day trip this year--lots of time to shop hop the local quilt shops this trip. Even better if I can win some money in the casinos to spend (maniacal laughter).

Here's some more Lancaster photos with close ups of the fabulous stitching to give you some inspiration.

This one was just amazing:

And I loved the embellishments on this one.

How do you know how to fill in with the stitches? These artists always seem to pick the right stitching to fill in areas to best convey the texture. I wonder if there's a class for this?


Okay, enough for tonight. Enjoy the photos. Tomorrow's plan is to bind the challenge quilt (which I am pretty sure is going to be the only non-art quilt entered in this challenge....I need a class for that too). I need to iron my bindings and get them stitched on so I can get the hand sewing out of the way tomorrow night.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite! 

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