Saturday, March 13, 2010

They're Baa-acckk!

This is actually a scarf I found at TJ Maxx today for a buck.
When I saw it the first thing I thought was, lots of fiber to use for embellishment.

I have obviously angered the quilting gods with yesterday's post. Woke up this morning, bright and early, ready to grab my coffee and hit the studio. But wait, why didn't I smell coffee? Is the clock radio dead? Um no, THE POWER IS OUT! Great! No lights, no sewing machine, no computer, no coffee.

So we headed out to an extremely bad breakfast at Roy Rogers, and I whipped out my little notebook and while I could get to my blog, the sign in bar was missing. And I couldn't switch my browser. Hmmm....definite quiltergeists at work.

Hung out for a while, got home, still no power, so we headed out to shop...what else could we do? The hubs headed to the Verizon store to for help figuring out why the Chocolate won't play his tunes, and I headed off to Michaels. Then we met at TJ Maxx.

Got home and ya-ay!, power! Threw a corned beef and some potatoes and carrots in the crock pot for a later dinner and doctored up a frozen pizza and popped it in the oven for a late lunch. Grabbed my purchases and headed up to the studio.....THE POWER GOES OUT! Oh, come on!

Pizza quickly whisked from the oven, slid into the box and slammed quickly into the freezer. Fix another cup of instant coffee while the kettle is still hot and phone Pizza Hut (all while swearing under breath at nasty little quiltergeists).

The hubs gets on the phone with Pizza Hut, I head up to the studio anyway figuring I'll just make pincushions that don't require electricity, and THE POWER COMES ON! (which is why you're reading this)

For now I'm going to stick to pincushions. Not trusting the paranormal activity has fully subsided. Check back later.

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  1. Great scarf. And how much did I spend making the Jenny H. Faux knitting scarf ???

    Yup, those little quilting ghosts did a fix on you . . . just getting even with you I think.


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