Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Bad For A Tuesday

.The hubs brought home flowers and the new red velvet cake yogurt. Of course, I had gone out merchandising and left him with a full dishwasher to empty, and he had to take care of that before he could start making dinner (beef stroganoff). He's a keeper. (And tomorrow he's fixing chicken Kiev.)

Not sure you can see the little sawgrass/palmetto like quilting on the back of this, but it was an interesting foray into the 'dark side' (stepping outside of the walking foot/meandering box).

 And staying comfortably inside the lines, all the green and the tan/orange inside boxes/lines/little squares were painstakingly meandered. That meant starting and stopping in each area. Let's count.....that would be 72 starts and stops and some of those little areas are 1/2"x1/2". (Pats self on back)

All that's left for this one is the hanging sleeve and the binding. I need to look up hanging sleeve since I'll be making 3 of them.

We are going to the Lacaster AQS show on Friday. I've taken the day off work and we just need to work out some logistics about leaving early enough to get there when the show opens, and we're good to go. It's possible we'd have time to make a few other stops if we're early and organized, so I've done my part by printing out the vendor list for both the show venue and the Quilt Blossom Festival up the street. 

Since it's 4 hours passenger time, I've prepared a little travel kit to pass the time in a productive way. (There's only so much license plate bingo one cay play, particularly since we'll likely see more buggies than cars).

All the little felted goobers have been cut out and glued on to the egg panels with a dab of glue so they're easier to hand applique. Hopefully I'll get them all stitched on and I'll actually have these assembled, stuffed and whip-stitched by Easter.

Speaking of which, I suppose it's about time to pull out a few Easter decorations...or maybe not. I'll have to see how this weekend goes. The plan is to take the dreaded trip to the car dealer on Saturday. I've let the month slip by with no progress on the car quest. (Of course, there's been no progress on the income tax front either, but you don't see me rushing to tick that off the old to do list (sigh).)

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  1. Great quilt!! Great husband...yep, he is a keeper!!!


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