Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where Has the Week Gone?

Oh I know, I've been spending my evenings catching up work for my day job, and catching up on some sleep that seems to have eluded me the past few weeks. No time for sewing, but that's gonna change.

I did manage to spend lunch break of one of my telecommute days hanging some shelves and cubes in the studio. Their purpose is to hold pincushions as I collect them, but as I only have 2 so far, I'm multipurposing them.

This is the start of my collection of red embroidery thread. When I finally get around to using machine embroidery I need to light on a thread type, so I'm buying a shade of red in every different brand to sew out the same design, and I'll choose one that I want to invest in their thread collection.

These are some of the jars the hubs brought home a couple weeks ago. Simple spice jars, but a little ribbon glued around the lid and filled with pretty pins and they're decorative, as well as functional.

There's one more shorter shelf to hang somewhere.

My daughgter talked me into the cubes. They may not stay on this wall, but for now, they're replacing a machine quilt sampler that I need to take apart and frame. Jars of small and tiny thread spools were an easy fill for the largest cube.

And I found this big-ass spool of buttonhole thread in my armoire, poked in a big ole needlepoint needle and all it needs are some little people around and you'd be thinking 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids'. (Note to self, find little people....wait, I might know where one is......)

It's amazing, the stuff I have...even more amazing is that I know where to look for it (in an old typebox full of little things that hung in our daughter's room when she was little, that I slid under the armoire in our bedroom years ago when I needed to clean out the guest room closet (it's previous home)  for a guest--am I good or what?).

Enough playing around, if I start now, I can get the applique sandwiched. I'll be back this weekend to report on my progress. It's supposed to rain all weekend, so I expect to finish all the quilt show projects. (Reach for the stars!)

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