Friday, October 30, 2009

Where am I? And why am I not quilting?

I got my brand new embroidery module with the newest software yesterday (after trading in the 'old' one that was mistakenly delivered with my new machine). Rather than quilt last night, I decided to give a first read to the manual in case I was feeling bold enough to whip out the embroidery Saturday. Most likely I won't. I've signed up for a Bernina Embroidery Guide Class on 11/21 so I just may wait until then.

In the meantime, I've got a workshop this weekend with Debbie (Open a Can of Worms) Caffrey, and I badly need to cut about a million 2.5" strips before then. (But not tonight because I've already had half a very dirty martini).

So, instead, I'm going to actually tackle some housecleaning tonight (while listening to Ricky Tims new Christmas CD, which I have been listening to on replay for the past 4's interesting, and I'll review it another day....not your traditional Christmas CD).

I'm beginning to think that all of the floors in my house must scream out in pain if someone OTHER THAN ME attempts to wash or vacuum them.....well, except for the dogs, who, I have to admit,  really do a marvelous job of gentle tongue-washing that seems to do a world of good between the old mop and Pine Sol routine (NOT!).

The kitchen tile really needed a good clean (as did the whole kitchen), especially after the plumber cut this gaping hole in the ceiling this afternoon.

So right now, you walk into my kitchen and you see:

the lovely polished granite countertop with polished cabinets, and then your eye wanders upwards and you

wonder what the heck animal is going to fall out of that hole in the ceiling on you.

We've had a bit of a leak problem for a couple of weeks, so today it took a $95 plumber to cut  my ceiling open to determine that my leaking problem was caused by the 'not so-handyman' who installed our shower 2 years ago and used the wrong grout and never sealed it---so now when the water hits the shower wall, it's Victoria Falls in the kitchen. Nothing three quarters of a thousand dollars won't fix next week. :)

Lesson learned....NEVER hire a friend/relative/guy in your softball league to do any kind of home repair/remodeling job. You will live to regret it.

Okay, enough mindless non-creative chit chat. I'm craving more olives, and the family room

is screaming for the vacuum.

Not to mention my little 4-legged furry floor-washers are becoming quite impatient as it's now solid 45 minutes past their dinner time--the horror!. (Brats!)


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  1. LOL.. love the hanydman story, been there. But I must ask, what do you use to clean your kitchen cabinets? I need to give mine a good cleaning, but can't seem to find anything that works great where all the 'little hands' grab the doors to open them. (I noticed you don't have handles, just like me...I'll never do that again either :-)).


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