Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finishing up the strip sets

Tonight I learned how to iron my strips without stretching them out. I used a portable ironing pad with grid lines and laid my two strips against one of the rules. Next I pressed the seam to set it.

After that, I opened the strips, gently finger pressed the one strip to the top and then ran the iron across the seam, being conscious of keeping the strips aligned with the ironing pad rules. The results were perfect, uniform strips with no stretching.

I then restacked my strips after ironing so they were back in the original order I had laid out. Then I sewed the third strip to the middle strip to complete my 3-strip sets.

Back on the machine to add the third strip to the dozen sets.

Back to the ironing pad to press open the last seam and now I've got a dozen strip sets to cut into triangles tomorrow. (see how nice the seams are? it really pays to spend a minute more doing careful ironing).

Tomorrow is rotary cutting madness day. (well, night). I hope to finish at least 2 tops by the time the weekend  is over.

Saturday we will be having a Hurricane Thanksgiving Day dinner, so I need to get a little housecleaning done and will be spending most of the day preparing a  traditional Thanksgiving dinner (had a turkey in the freezer from the after-Easter sales that we really need to use, so we're going to do it up right.

It's an early night for me. I've got a couple quilt magazines  and a sewing machine manual on the nightstand vying for my attention. Goodnight!

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