Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday's progress

The triangle in the center is what we are working with. The one on the left will be used in another project, and that is going to create my favorite block, which I think I'm going to make a lot of. You'll see this in the next top. The remaining 3-strip piece on the right will become 9 patch blocks.

I cut 4 triangles from each strip set. I then laid out pairs, being careful to match each pair together having different patterned small triangles at the top (because we cut half with the ruler in one direction and flipped the ruler for the other two, we've got 2 iterations of each triangle).

Then I sewed the pairs together to make a big triangle and carefully pressed...this project has been one big experiment in careful pressing, and it looks it.

And then I sewed the pairs of pairs together to make big squares...

which I sewed  together to make a top (which is sideways here, unless the man behind the quilts is lying down on the job)

Finally I added a border, and unhappy  with how it was sizing up, I sewed a bunch of charm squares together to make another border and am debating adding one more final solid color border to finish it off.

Busy bee yesterday. It's cute. No work of art by any means, certainly not my style, but I'm sure someone will like their gift when it's done. And I got to experience Quilt in a Day and using triangles to cut. And I got to use Mary Engelbreit fabric (The Caroler), so it was a bunch of firsts which equate to a good overall learning experience.

Now I need to finish up using the rest of the strips and charm squares so I can move on to using my Moda Woodland Blossoms and make something a little less cutesy for my SIL's beach house for Christmas.

Waiting on a new embroidery module for the 440 (the one that came with it had very old software--2 versions back from what is current--don't ask... apparently Bernina doesn't quite understand the concept of qualtiy control), so the dealer is just going to call Bernina and have them send a whole new package--module, carry bag, software...which is certainly what I would expect for what I paid for this.

In the meantime, I've got ants in my pants to embroider, and I'm also anxiously awaiting my SewSteady table to arrive so I can commence to quilting using my SewSlip mat and Quilt Halo. (It's murder having new toys and not being able to play with them). I suppose I could be online looking for what I want in a netbook to run this software on, but I'm hoping to put the hubs on that for me (and unfortunately he gets to things in his own time, unlike me who would have had it ordered and delivered by now--seriously, you're watching the Redskins when you could be on the HP site building me a notebook?).

Check back tomorrow and see what I accomplish tonight from the Eleanor Burns mess (as soon as I get my desk cleared off). Though I have in hand two 'Mastering Your Bernina' workbooks and may opt to sharpen a couple of  No. 2s and play student for the rest of the night.

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