Monday, October 12, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival - 2009

Here's my entry into this year's Bloggers Quilt Festival, which Park City Girl so graciously moderates each year.

The 'First Cloth Convergence' has borders on it. It's waiting to be sandwiched and quilted, which I seriously doubt I'm going to get to before we leave for Houston on Wednesday morning. If not, it will be the lucky 'first quilt' to have the dubious honor of being quilted on the new sewing machine, assuming that it is ready to pick up on my return.

This is my first foray into the Ricky Tims Church of High Convergence. I love this style and there's another version coming of this that is going to allow me to play with a more 'in your face' coloration to hopefully understand why you lay out what and where to make your point. But don't get me wrong, I like how this one turned out. It's got that 'fall' vibe going on.

This was also the first thing I've made using batiks. I do have two Bali Pops and a little set of FQs I picked up at a show this summer, but I think I went for those as they were easy....I wasn't overwhelmed with hundreds of bolts of subtly different fabrics calling to me ('pick me', 'pick me', 'no, pick me'). Having someone pick them for you makes it a little less daunting to start out on that path.

Speaking of Houston. Watch this space, because I'm going to put on my show correspondent hat and I plan to post nightly from the Marriott Courtyard in beautiful Downtown Houston, reporting on all things International Quilt Festival 2009. Those of you that have never been, can be as overwhelmed as I will be, this being my first time.....not to mention, you can shop with me (albeit vicariously) at the 500 vendors in the Convention Center.

Check back Wednesday night for my first report on Quilt Festival Preview 2009.

And be sure to visit Park City Girl's blog:


  1. Aargh! My first convergence was a complete and utter failure. Did I say first? Sheesh, it was so bad it was my only convergence. You have blended my favorite colors. Fabulous effort.

  2. Lovely colours, hard to find those coral/peach shades in anything BUT batik these days. Have fun in Houston!!!!

  3. I love this pattern and your choice of colours!

  4. Beautiful! I love this pattern, and the fabrics you chose work beautifully in it. You're right-- it has a wonderful fall feel to it. Thanks for sharing! (And hope you're having lots of fun at Festival!) :)

  5. It's a small (quilting) world, Susan. Was randomly clicking on Park City Girl's list of Bloggers Quilt Festival participants and there you were. (Got there in the first place through a link on Kate Themal's blog).

    Enjoyed having you in class the other week and am loving virtually experiencing Houston--great posts! Have a fabulous time and have fun experimenting with all that batting!

  6. This is a lovely intrigueing pattern and the fabrics work beautifully and yes they have a definite fall look.

  7. HI Susan,
    I really like your convergence quilt. Aren't they fun to make- I have made half a dozen larger ones to use as couch quilts. The technique is straight forward- you just start with a much larger square( I usually use about a 40 inch square)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful autumn colored piece.
    Warmest regards,

  8. Nice colours. It's easy on the eye.

  9. It is a beautiful quilt. I love the colours.

  10. Love your quilt! The colors are beautiful :)

  11. Mmmm. This is a gorgeous quilt. : ) LOVE the colors and fabrics you used. Definitely does have that Fall vibe! Thanks for sharing.


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