Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Checkin' In

Life's been a little crazy. We had family obligations (which included entertaining) for the weekend. I've been hustling to keep up with the merchandising. It was a very busy week for merchandising last week

Sadly, not a lot of sewing time. In fact, not a lot of anything fun time.

The shower got resealed (not regrouted....but strangely, the price to do the lesser job was the same, go figure). Not sure if it's really solved the problem yet as the tile guy doing the sealing removed the faucet and put it on wrong, so after the sealant had dried I went to take a shower and discovered the knob would only turn a quarter turn, which fell into the 'cold' water zone. Sorry, I like my showers hot.

They sent another bonehead out to fix it this morning. In the meantime, we've left the hole open in the kitchen ceiling so we can tell if the sealing process has cured the leak. Fingers crossed. The handyman comes Thursday to take a look at that and a couple other projects that we can throw more money at, so hopefully all will be well for Thanksgiving.

Got the Sew Steady table yesterday, put on the old Sew Slip mat, pulled out the Quilt Halo, connected the BSR and did a little freemotion practice in the fifteen free minutes I had last night between getting home from work and starting dinner. During that time I realized that the presser foot on this new machine is out of whack, it's not centered. The needle is barely a whisper away from the edge on the #37 foot. Guess all those quarter inch seams I've been sewing since I got the machine are off. Hopefully it's a minor adjustment that can be made when I'm at the shop for classes in a couple weeks.

I did have a couple hours to pull together some projects on Saturday. I got the border sewn on this and got it on the pinning table. Decided to forgo the basting spray and just pinned, heck, it's small, what does it matter? Big mistake! Flipped it over and it's got the wrinklies. Now I need to unpin it and start over. This is what happens when you rush.

Today was the day to make the hotel reservations for Houston next year. My sister says she doesn't want to go to Houston, she'd rather go to Paducah (because that's where her friend would rather go). Paducah is the same weekend as our guild show, and it's been getting some unflattering press lately due to the show hotel closing and the Paducahan economy tanking. The people that run the Paducah show will also do a show in Lancaster this year so I can check that out without having to drive 10 hours and pay for a hotel room shared with women who go to bed a good 4 hours before I do :).
Anyway, I digress. I figured I could go to Houston by myself and take classes, however,  I was put off by the nonrefundable deposit I'd have to make, so I decided to not make the reservation. We'll see what happens. It's a year away. And since it's just me and I'm not looking for an elusive hotel 'suite' for 3, I'm sure I can find a single room come Spring, should I decide that I have to go. It's hard to reserve a hotel and plunk down that deposit when you don't know what the classes are that you'd be I reserve a hotel room for the entire week? What happens if I only need to be there 4 nights? Too much to think about today--definitely not worth the hassle of playing phone redial all morning trying to get through to reserve a room at the Hilton.

And before I allow the whole Christmas decorating scene to fly out of my control (which can easily happen, trust me), once all our guests left on Sunday night I went upstairs and worked on the tree in the master bedroom. Almost done. Needs the top decorated and that should be it. Here's a couple photos of how it's shaping up. Gee, only 15 or 16 more trees to go!

Why can't it be the weekend ?!

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