Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An organized start on the 2nd quilt from one jelly roll, as I careen out of control in all other tasks

Don't you love these blocks? I decided to skip the 9 patch and just cut triangles so I could make these blocks from the remaining strip sets. I had enough to put together 18 blocks, and I squared them up as 7.25 inches (I know, weird number, but does it really matter?)

I'm going to cut 18 blocks from my parchment colored cotton and either set these on point or stagger them checkerboard style, Then I'll add a wide border and I'll have another throw to gift.  Tomorrow I'll cut the parchment blocks. Tonight I've got a stack of magazines on the nightstand I'd like to dive into before I feel the need to recycle them unread because they're out of date.  I bought two magazines today at the grocery store that weren't quilt magazines....imagine that!

At some point I need to do some housecleaning, change out my closet, assess the Christmas decorating plan, work on a gift list and do a whole mess of household paperwork, but I'm just not feeling it. There's way too many fun things to be doing in my off time. I seem to have lost all resolve....I'm ignoring housework, starting and not finishing craft projects, not watching my diet, haven't made any doctor/dentist appointments that are due, I'm avoiding a major home repair task.....somewhere along the line, I've fallen off the runaway train that is my life. Must find a way to get back on, as I'm headed nowhere fast right now and this will not do with the upcoming holidays.

Hopefully I can turn things around by the weekend, it is, after all, only Tuesday. (phew!)

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