Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Another Quiet Friday Night in the Studio


Here it is, Friday night, having a hard time getting motivated. The convergence has it's borders, I just can't make myself go set up the pinning table and sandwich it for quilting. Tick, tick, tick....

Why I can't motivate when I've got my favorite thing...a bouquet of fresh flowers on the cutting table escapes me. The hubs went to Safeway at lunch for a sandwich and I got a call on my cell asking where I was. I was at work. He said be downstairs, I've got something for you, be there in 2 minutes. Pulled up, handed me the bouquet through the car window, said I'd do a better job keeping it fresh than he would, and drove off. by flowers...gotta love him!

Now here's my cool recent discovery. Look at the photo above. What do you see? Fabric, right? Do you see the paper? Well, the photo is folded fabric sitting on color copies I made on a copy machine. Pretty cool, huh? Pretty impressive copy machine!

Our guild is having a challenge, where you can make whatever you want, only limitations are the size, and that you have to use a 'recognizable' amount of that fabric in the quilt top. I've never done anything like this before, so rather than hack into my fabric (which is what a 'real' art quilter would do), I decided to approach this with the systematic precision of my former 'application analyst' self. So now, I'll spend some time staring at my color copies, hack into the paper, shuffle here, shuffle there, and hopefully come up with something I can transfer to the fabric.

Hopefully I've inspired someone to try this.

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