Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday at the Quilt Festival

It was a beautiful morning in Houston today. The humidity blew out to sea and the temperature dropped a good 10 degrees. A lovely walk to Convention Center.

Started out the morning in the Vendor area. This is Eleanor Burns signing books. She gave a nice demo on how to make 3 quilt tops from one jelly roll, and since I have a few lying about, I bought her show special package to do this.

Here's an overhead view of the vendor area. There are 18 aisles. Don't think for a minute that you are going to remember where you saw something and go back for it later. In fact, if you're heading down an aisle and stop to browse, you're most likely going to forget which direction you were headed. At least that happened to me a couple of times.

After going upstairs and wasting a half an hour for a prearranged meet-up with members of my guild---none of which, btw, showed up for,  I headed back to start checking out the exhibits. My first impression on seeing this was 'no wonder people are afraid of clowns'.
This next quilt won one of the big prizes. It's amazing. Machine applique, machine quilted (on an older Bernina). The quilt was submitted last year and returned. Wasn't even considered. Wins big this year. (Apparently that happened to Ricky Tims a few years back...entry rejected one year, wins the next).

The quilt below was another example of some marvelous, intriquite quilting. You've got to smile when you look at this one.

This is a closeup of what I heard someone said is an Advent Calendar quilt.


After viewing all the quilts, as you can guess, I had to head back in to the vendor area....this time it was for a very small taste of embellishments. Houston, we may have created a monster here.....

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  1. Hi Susan, thank you so much for sharing your day in Houston, would love to see what you bought - and later what you make with it all. Those trader aisles look overwhelming but I would struggle to cope bravely!!!!


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