Thursday, September 18, 2014

What to Do, What to Do

While I wait for the fabric to arrive to continue with the Jingle obsession project, I need to move on.

It would certainly be easy to saddle up that basket full of pre-cut pieces for the 20 Dear Jane blocks I'm currently behind schedule with, but that would be too easy. Besides, whenever I've got a free hour I can just grab one of those folders full of pieces and whip one out.
I could always pick something off the chalkboard. It's not often we have an erased line to denote any progress (truthfully, when we do erase something from the board, there's a new entry in it's place)

Maybe it might be beneficial to empty one of those claustrophobia-inducing project baskets that are lying about, like these that contain the fabrics for the Globetrotting and Aurifil 2014 BOM 's that I'm only 5 months behind on. Or the one in the back with the Amish with a Twist cutting that is about half-way complete (there's A LOT of different solid fabrics and pieces in those blocks...right now I've got ... 28 fabrics for 12 blocks.  So much cutting that I had to make up a little notebook with swatches to keep myself straight on what to cut. (Hmm....probably haven't touched that in the last 4 months or so)

And while the lemon pepper quilt top for my daughter was finished eons ago
The pieced (reversible) back sits in a basket waiting for me to cut the solids and piece it together so I can finish it.
And wait, there's yet another basket with everything I need for the 'Dividers' modern quilt (seriously, this post should be titled  'Baskets, Baskets Everywhere...and Nary a Project Complete'). I really need to start on this or move it to a dark closet...while it looks 'pretty' sitting on the bookshelf with the quilt books, I'm going to be awfully sorry to possibly discover that there may be some fade lines if it sits for another year. (I'm afraid to unfold the fabric to check).

Without mentioning the other two notebooks of started and not yet started projects I've got going on, or the waiting in the wings totally cute Christmas craft project I just purchased all the supplies for (I even dragged the hubs, kicking and screaming, into Michaels one day in order to use two coupons...ask him how much he loved standing in a 5 person in front of him line with a handful of Styrofoam balls), I think the logical  thing to do is........


Darling daughter wants a Halloween table runner. Seeing as how she selected these fabrics via text message and iPhone photos two months ago, maybe it's a good time for some 'project completed' gratification. There's no reason I can't knock out a 72" table runner over the weekend, right?

If only I had a pattern in mind.......

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  1. LOL I love this post! You are not alone, but my baskets are not near as cute as yours! Nor do I have notebooks with my plans~ I need to do some serious work here! Have a happy day!


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