Friday, September 12, 2014

After cutting the fabric for 30 paper-pieced Dear Jane blocks over the past couple of days, I'm burned out on Jane for a bit. If none of the neighborhood ladies call a last minute happy hour for tomorrow night, I think I'll dive in and knock out a few blocks.

Or maybe I'll finish cutting the solids for Amish With a Twist.  Guess it will depend on what kind of mood I'm in after work...cutting or sewing.

Speaking of sewing, I signed up for a Cathedral Window class at Jinny Beyer's Studio the Saturday after next. I just saw my first Cathedral Window a few months ago. I can't believe I'd never noticed this quilt before.  I love hand sewing projects, so this will be something different than my go-to applique or sashiko projects I take along when I'm on the move. Of course, I'll be using Kaffe fabrics for it.

It hasn't been totally non-productive

I repurposed a hanging shoe organizer from my closet (it was full of flip flops...yes, 20 pair of flip flops, and no, that isn't the extent of my flip flop collection), and turned it into a stabilizer organizer on the back of the studio door.

6 months from now, when I'm looking for just the right stabilizer because I've got something I want to complete the project.

Remind me of that when the tme comes.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I would have loved to take a Cathedral Windows class. I got a book & used the internet and was able to make a 12" block. Was quite difficult, but I;m glad I did it. Cathi in Texas


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