Thursday, September 4, 2014

Guilt Through Association

(It's been a whirlwind  July and August...a week in Portland in July, followed by the somewhat sooner than we expected passing of my father-in-law, rushing to finish the Kaffe scrap quilt for the fair (it won a 5th place ribbon :-( -- seriously!--but quilt judging is a subject for another blog post), a celebration of dear FIL's life hosted by us in August (accompanied by a tad more than the usual family drama)....I'm now trying to regain my footing and continue down the path toward some semblance of normalcy)

In the interest of getting back on track, I thought it might be enlightening if I harnessed my inner OCD and documented every project I have started and intend to finish (note I said 'intend to finish'..... this allows me the freedom to not list a few remnants hanging around from workshops that didn't turn out to be all that fun, or failed experiments in piecing...) . And while I was at it, I also decided to take stock of my 'good intentions', and make a notebook for all those projects I want to do, for which I already have most of the supplies (I didn't count the various patterns, or books purchased because they included a project I want to make--no, that would have required a trip to the office supply store for extra notebooks).

I'm big on lists....mostly because the Queen of Procrastination finds that making a list is an extremely effective tool for optimizing procrastination time. And also because there is nothing more satisfying to a listmaker than ticking off completed items from a 'to do' list. No matter how trivial, the sense of accomplishment is food for the soul.

As a productive person, I thought it better to just list some project notes regarding materials in the 'on deck' notebook. Who knows if I'll even get to these projects in this sense detailing project management steps for something not yet started.

Bottom line....I have 25 UFOs and 31 projects On Deck (it's the end of summer, last chance for baseball analogies). While I'm trying to convince myself that these are reasonable numbers for someone who has only been quilting for 5 years, I've got the hubs in my ear asking if I've been to the basement to count the needlepoint/crewel embroidery UFOs that have been in boxed up for the last 40 years....."(whine) I'm still waiting for my needlepoint chessboard that I picked out of a catalog for you back in 1973 (whine)"....the man is relentless (and I'm hoping that moths have destroyed any evidence of past transgressions).

In the meantime, guilt has gotten the best of me and I have dug out a quilt I began before I was a quilter (aka the "I Had No Idea What I Was Doing" quilt), and have begun the arduous process of ripping out every quilting stitch I managed to make (without a quilting foot/feed dogs up, through cheap see-thru cotton borders, sandwiching the lamest polyester batting known to man) before I folded it up and buried it in a closet, half (ass) quilted.

One small step......and a 2-pack of replacement blades for my Gingher seam ripper.


  1. Celebrate list making! I have about as many UFO's and maybe a few less projects ready to start, but not many. I don't count it until there's a collection of fabric started. I also don't count the collections of fabric that don't have a pattern yet. I have an early quilt I've been slowly pulling the quilting out of, too. One day, I'll get it back under the needle and get it finished. Until then, it makes a nice base on which to pile my other UFO's. Lane

  2. Certainly there is something on his To Do list that has been there a while!

    25 really isn't all that bad!


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