Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scattered Sunday - Summer Photo Album

Since I've got my nose to the sewing machine, buried in all things Jane (or so I hope....I've pre-scheduled this blog post), I may as well entertain you with some random photos from my lost summer months.

One good thing about the cruise in June was that I got to visit one of my go-to Florida quilt shops...That Quilt Place in Rockledge.  Imagine my surprise when I found out they carried that super cute hedgehog fabric I picked up a small bit of at a show this past spring. Obviously I stocked up and added coordinates.

July was crazy. I attended my first 'psychic circle', where apparently I was visited by spirits of my sister/father/mother. I felt a little bad because my relatives seemed to hog the limelight and I was really wishing they'd just shut up so the other 6 people in the circle could get their promised 15-20 minutes of visitation before our medium called it a night. As for whether or not I'm a believer in this....the jury's still out (and my thought process leans more toward logic).

The day after, I left to spend a week in Portland, OR for work

 Not too shabby view from my little hotel room.

The few hours I did have off I spent half of standing in the rain (it wasn't raining when I started ) in this Disney-esq line for:

Over-rated, but you know what they say.... "when in Rome"...
Pretty amazing view from the flight home. Not sure if it's Mt. Hood or the other one ( of those guys)

The week after Portland I went to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA. Check out this Australian pattern that Carly from Web Fabrics convinced me that I needed to use my Kaffe Fassett stash leftover from Dear Jane on:
She made hers with batiks, and she uses it as a table cover in her booth. It's amazing!

At the end of the month we spent a weekend in St. Michaels, MD with a bunch of our neighbors. I got to visit my 2nd favorite fabric shop (Quilt Vine in Trappe, MD) where I scored some great Aussie prints:
And I also picked up some 50% off Modas for My Whimsical Flower Garden (when and IF I ever start that). These prints scream 'Piece O Cake' to me. (The stylin' starfish and octopus came from a pretty cool home deco store in Essex the ladies ventured out to--had to have.)
In St. Michaels, we stay at a house on the water with beautiful landscaping, as well as a boat, and a couple of jet skis.

My first spur of the moment ride with the hubs....I was assured that I would not get wet (which is why I am dressed) as long as he did nothing crazy--he didn't--probably because I was squealing in his ear when he went the slightest bit fast. Maybe next time I'll take a solo spin like my neighbor Linda did.
We always have a crab feast and we spend the evenings out on the deck and on the dock just chillin'
During the afternoon I bring along a little stichin' to go along with the drinkin' (no bitchin' allowed this trip). My little wool pincushion was a quick finish the first day.
Back home I had to put pedal to the metal and finish the Kaffe Scrap quilt for the County Fair

Sadly it only took 5th place.  And while I am probably biased as the quiltmaker, I scrutinized quilts 1-4 and don't see how I finished 5th. More than 2600 perfectly aligned pieces, swirled flat seams, piping, and a super tight got no better than good/very good grades from the person that judged it. First place and a champion ribbon went to this crib-sized drunkards path.
Go figure.

The Dresden tree skirt did win a blue ribbon as well as a Champion ribbon. At least there was some validation of my work. (and it wasn't entered in the 'quilt' division so it had a different judge :) )

The following week we scattered some of my FIL's ashes in the Potomac, and we hosted the Remembrance Party. The family agreed it should be upbeat, party atmosphere, and a crab feast. So that is what we had. And a few days before I managed to whip up this from a little kit I picked up at from Quilt Vine in July. Apropos.

It hangs from this horrendously huge and bulky cast iron stand I bought at Quilt Odyssey. It's way too large to set on a normal table, so I need to find a new banner stand (I've got 2 more kits this size), or else we need to move into a medieval castle with a huge mahogany table in the foyer. For now it sits on the hearth.

The last week of August I saw this really cute crazy quilt t-shirt quilt on one of the FB groups I follow. The quest began to find the pattern/instructions. My SIL, who I haven't spoken with in 11 years, made a comment on the quilt photo I shared, and later messaged me, which resulted in an all afternoon  conversation, and her finding the pattern and ordering it for me as we were messaging. It was delivered a few days later (thanks again, Julia).

Now, instead of associating the summer of 2014 with the not so good stuff that happened, I'm going think of it like this:  I may have lost one family member, but I found another....because of a quilt. I like that. Quilting definitely brings people together.

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