Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Obsess....It's What I Do Best

I'm starting to feel claustrophobic in the studio these days. I need to win the lottery so I can buy a longarm and turn our living room into my new studio. In the meantime, I  need to start finishing projects so I can get the baskets and boxes that hold all the materials for these projects out of the room. I think that if I could just get the design wall down I'd have a little more breathing space.

So I finished stitching together all those on point blocks.

 Unfortunately, this resulted in 'one step forward, two steps back'.  I'm not thrilled with the green setting triangles on the center medallion, and I really have no intention to use that same plain, flat green for the 6" outside border, so last week I ordered a couple of fabric choices to change things up. (This is one of the side effects of 'design wall'....leave something up on it long enough and you will start thinking of ways to improve on what you've done.)

So let's try it with this gold print, and the new moss green print that arrived earlier this week.  Not sure the green is quite right.  But should I decide on one of these, what will I use for the border? I certainly didn't order enough of those fabrics to use them on the border.

 What if we separated the inner border from the outer border with a thin green strip of fabric...then we could use that red holly print as the border.

Now here's an idea....what if I used that same red holly print for the medallion's setting triangles? But on a quick calculation, I'd need to change the outer border from 4": to 6" and piece it together instead of cutting solid strips. (Something to think about).  But since we're running red against red against red, how about instead of a thin separating border of green, we put a green flange around the center medallion and the outer border. That could be interesting. But I'm still not sure about a final border that's only 4" wide.

Okay, so here's what I've decided....I'll just continue to obsess over this. I've put all 4 fabric choices in the center, and I've gone ahead and ordered enough of the red holly print, the green holly print, and a companion gold holly print to cover whatever I decide. And as for the additional 6+ yards of fabric I ordered, no worries, I'll just piece them together for the quilt back and use some of the green and red solids along with them.

Sigh....looks like the design wall is here to stay for a while.

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