Monday, September 15, 2014

Slightly More Productive Than Last Weekend

Instead of spending Friday night hunched over my Bernina trying to catch up those 20 Dear Jane blocks I'm behind in finishing, I decided to throw an impromptu dinner party for the neighborhood ladies. (I have some weird brain anomaly...I will do anything to avoid doing whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing, whether that something I'm supposed to be doing is something I like to do or not. There must be some name for this....dysfunctional procrastination or something like that. When I die, I think I might donate my brain to science...maybe they can find a cure for this).

Anyway, I did manage to knock out 3 more Jane blocks.

Bringing my grand total to 50. Not to shabby, but again, 20 behind my goal.

Since the weather is cooling down a bit, I also spent a day doing a bit of household purging....going through a few drawers, rearranging knick knacks, dusting in places that haven't seen a Swiffer in 10 years, and putting up some Fall decorations, since I'm hosting Ladies Happy Night this coming Friday.

The hubs always gets a kick of out these purges. Basically, he sits on the couch watching football while I put away (in alphabetical order) the 50 or so CDs he has failed to return to the shelves he took them from over the past 6 months. And since there are now more than he had space for, this requires moving things around to fit them all in, and generally results in me picking up one or two splinters from jamming those cases into the wood shelves. (ouch!)

At some point, he'll catch me sitting on the couch staring at the mantle or the wall unit on which I have just rearranged /replaced various art pieces and the stereo components (which requires disconnecting multiple wires between components and remembering where the wires went after moving them to new shelves). Necessitated by the fact that what had been on the 'Summer' mantle needed to be assimilated into other display space to make room for the 'Fall' mantle arrangement.

Anyway, I'll arrange things, then come sit on the couch for 5 minutes scrutinizing the placement, get up, move a few things a couple of inches, sit and scrutinize for another 5, get up, take something away and put it in another room, sit and scrutinize, poke some orange glittery ting ting into the floral arrangement, sit and scrutinize, and so on. He just finds this terribly amusing -- in between  his watching multiple channels of football and dozing off as he recovers from a morning spent 'practicing' softball (because, apparently, playing the game 3 nights during the week does not count as 'practice' for an upcoming weekend tournament). He can't understand why I can't just put that picture on that shelf and walk away. In fact, he actually believes that no one pays attention to any of this when they come over and thinks it's all a colossal waste of  time. (I would wager that if asked, he might suggest my time be better spent fixing dinner, or washing this week's softball shirts---of course, that would be the last time he would make that suggestion and live to tell his friends about it.)

All the while, I'm sitting on the couch, staring at the wall unit. Maybe if I move that vase from the middle cubby over to the top left.......

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  1. He thinks the decorating is a colossal waste of time? And football is a valuable expenditure of time? Men are funny.


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