Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Organizing Jane

Okay, I know you didn't expect that I would finish 25 Dear Jane blocks this weekend, but I'm sure you expected me to finish more than TWO!  Well, that's all I got done.  One appliqued.
 One pieced.
A bit of shopping interfered with the sewing, and then making half a dozen jars of bread and butter pickles ate up some time, and watching a few episodes of Celebrity Big Brother UK (we have a friend who scoops these off the internet for us) didn't help.

Today I took a new tack....I evaluated the entire paper piecing process and determined that I could be way more productive if I had everything cut out and ready to go rather than cutting and sewing a block at a time.

The fruits of my labors
So far I've managed to cut the pieces for 20 blocks. Cut apart the pattern pieces that I ran off the Dear Jane EQ software, and slipped them into folded sheets of paper in a basket.

Now all I have to do is grab a 'folder' and get to piecing. One more project OCD-anized.

Tucker and Paco are not impressed.

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