Saturday, September 6, 2014

(Oh) Dear Jane!

Remember that goal I set of 10 blocks a month?  Well, I let a whole month slip past where I didn't catch up what needed to be caught up from the month before, and I didn't do the blocks for that month either. (Oh oh!)

Not to mention, that when I went to upload photos of each block completed, I found out that I had miscounted  the number of blocks that were done....I was 3 short. (The horror!)

So while I do have 8 applique blocks prepped (one of which is half way stitched), I've still only completed 45 blocks since March. Let me do the the end of this month I need to have 70 Dear Jane blocks finished to stay on track. Let me get my calculator.....okay,  I have to complete 25 Dear Jane blocks this month, or one per day (maniacal laughter ensues).

I suppose it's a good thing I'm an OCDanized person....see that Dear Jane book? It's stuffed with the paper piecing templates for every paper pieced block yet to be made. And it's also stuffed with the freezer paper templates for every applique block yet to be done. Thankfully, I spent a couple days printing those out from the Dear Jane EQ software. I should just be able to grab and go.

I wonder how many blocks I can complete this weekend? ....10? ....15? .....dare I say 25!!?

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  1. Shoot for the Moon! I'm betting you can do 30 something. lol Have a great weekend.


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