Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Right, So Sue Me (I Neglected To Blog On My Birthday)

Let's not get too excited, this is NOT the Birthday giveaway, this was the birthday gift from the hubs. Strangely, I didn't get a 12-needle Babylock Embellisher (and he'll likely tell you that's because I refused to tell him what I wanted the day before my birthday, when at the cookout he asked me if I wanted an iPad (I do not)). So, in desperation, the afternoon of my birthday, he decided that I needed to be upgraded from this:

My little 15" flat screen and our old DVD player.

To this:

A 19" High Def flatscreen with a DVD player built in. Of course this also meant I needed to run out after work and stand in line at the cable company to pick up a new high def cable box, and upgrade the service--what's the point of having an HD set if you've not got an HD connection. Anyway, he comes home after softball, takes one look at it and says it's not big enough. He didn't realize that I had that much space available. Whatever. Unless he's going to pack it back up and exchange it, it can stay.

So, the daughter and the boyfriend come over (dutifully). To her credit, she did offer to pick up dinner and bring it, but since my BIL had 4 dozen crabs left over from the cookout that I took home and spent 3 hours and 40 minutes picking Monday night, rather than watch him throw them away, I figured, birthday or not, I needed to make a dozen crab cakes, so yes, I made my own birthday dinner. (But she did bring a chocolate ganache-covered ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery that was to.die.for.

Along with a few Vera Bradley desk accessories and a Lolita 'Birthday Girl' martini glass. They all have a drink recipe on their bases...check out mine:


I'll be picking up some pineapple juice after work (along with a Powerball ticket....(closing eyes) wish, wish, wish--come on, it was my birthday yesterday....), and giving this a try out with tonight's dinner of lobster tail...also courtesy of my over-buying BIL. (He sent me home with three of them.) I'll let you know how it tastes. Think we'll need to skip the olives in this one. I've got some raspberries and blackberries in the fridge that might be good substitutions.

Okay, now for the monthly giveaway......since I made a bunch of scissor bling for the tutorial (see the photo below on the post for May 23rd), I'm going to give those away this month. And since it was my birthday, instead of only having one winner, let's have two winners this month. Post a comment telling me your favorite summer drink, no later than midnight on Saturday, and I'll phone one of my human random number generators and ask them to pick the winners. And note, if your name doesn't link back to a blog that includes your email address in your profile, be sure to include it in your comment. If there's no address, I'm going to move down the list to the next person that has one.

I hope to work on quilting Neptune tonight. I'm itching to cut something with my new Drunkard's Path templates, or to make something Kaffe Fassett, and I've told myself that I may not play with rotary cutters or plastic templates until I finish quilting the two quilts that are sandwiched. (I swear, sometimes it sucks to be Miss Organization.)

Good luck on the giveaway! Tomorrow I'll post a photo of the exact bling you'll be playing for.


  1. Oh...sounds like you had a wonderful B Day...infact Happy Birthday!!

  2. boy, sure does sound like you had a great awesome birthday dinner....cant go wrong with homemade crab cakes and lobster tails. How come I wasnt invited?

  3. I don't comment often, but always read .. have told you before, I quilt vicariously (as well as other fun things) through your blog! My favorite "summer" drink? Same as the rest of the year .. my brother's Old Fashioned!!! (oh, not what you meant? hmmm .. 2nd would be a McD mocha frappe!!!) :)
    Betty ...

  4. Sounds like you had a great birthday! My fav summer drink would have to be an ice cold lemon lime and bitters - yum!!


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