Sunday, June 6, 2010

Neptune Finished/Bling Winners

First OPAM (One Project a Month) finish for June. Neptune is tagged, washed, and slung across a chair in the family room. Pieced Summer 2009, quilted late Spring 2010. Thnis one was most definitely a long time coming.

This is my little signature block, lost in the vastness of it's backing

And now, on the machine is Kiwi Jubilee. Walking Foot work done, working on freemotioning in the borders first. Have already burned through 2.5 bobbins of thread. Hopefully I'll finish this one up before the weekend.

This morning I asked the hubs to pick a couple numbers for the bling giveaway. I numbered the comments on the two posts regarding the contest, threw out mine, the hubs, and one of the duplicate comments and the winners are....Bertie and Victoria. I'll shoot you an email, but if you get your information here before I do, send me your mailing address (susanentwistle at yahoo dot com) and I'll get your bling in the mail.

Tomorrow night is our last Guild meeting for the summer and Secret Sisters will be revealed. Now I can see who gave me all the great gifts throughout the year....they were certainly intuitive with a bunch of them (especially the glittery day of the dead skeleton fabric). Should be fun.

Well, I'm off to finish that row of meandering on Kiwi and then into bed to ..... wait, a commercial for 'The OCD Project'.....I LOVE TV!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should have gotten a DVR when I upgraded the studio cable box to hi def...hmmm.....


  1. absolutely love your Neptune quilt...looks easy to make quickly but love the way you did the fabrics and I certainly love the fabrics..looks like batiks...also thanks for drawing my name for the scissors bling...I loved the one with the heart..


  2. I hopped over from In Stitches (how are you doing on the Bingo?) I see you have made a quilt using Neptune. I really like yours!! It turned out great. Your little min-pin is adorable too! So tired from what? Watching you sew? That's how my fur babies are watching me sew tires them right out. I have some Neptune fabric and someday I'm going to use it.


I appreciate and look forward to your comments. Thanks for reading. Happy quilting!