Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Official Paco Seal of Approval

No pins. Binding is on. Don't have the heart to take it away from him to sew on the label. He's sooooo tired. Poor thing.

The quilt show idea hour of highway driving, and though he said he'd go, I could tell the hubs really would rather not. The discount fabric place turned out to be a discount UPHOLSTERY fabric place (good thing I went to their website before heading up there), so that idea tanked as well. What to do.....I decided that we should drive to Baltimore to a quilt shop I've never been to where I could buy some Broder machine thread for applique. This is the best single ply cotton thread for hand applique on cotton, and it's not easy to find--it's made in France, which might be why. At any rate, 9 spools, on sale for under 3 bucks each....I'm a happy camper.  Exactly what I need for my Piece O Cake Designs project.

After that we drove to Westminster, MD to check out Westminster Mall (they have a Belk, which I love to go to when we're in Florida). Of course we had to pop into the Rite Aid that sold only alcohol (but your receipt had coupons on it for prescriptions). Alrighty then. It was a nice summer day, the hubs was driving, the scenery was great and I was able to bind most of Neptune in the car, and I bought home a bottle of French champagne (it was a French kind of day today, oui?). What more could a girl want.

Check in tomorrow for the giveaway winners, and a sneak peak at Kiwi Jubilee. I'm going to review a couple of patterns for some upcoming projects and I'm off to join Paco in Dreamland.

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