Saturday, June 19, 2010

Which Path Do I Take? (and a little giveaway)

Last night I finished sewing together the Drunkard's Path squares (more on that later). Now to decide on which layout to use, sew those blocks together and then use whatever die works on the GO to create some border action.

Which would you pick?

This is the first layout (above) and it's the one I think my daughter will choose (edited to add that what I think my daughter would choose is often not what she does choose, so don't be swayed by my influence here--it's a crap shoot), let's call this one 'Beachballs'.

The next layout we'll call 'Northbound Seagulls'  (focus on the solid colors and you'll see the bird shape):

And then if we flip a couple blocks, we have 'Circle of Gulls' (again, focus on the solids):

And finally, we have 'Gull Formation':

Leave a comment with your pick and I'll draw from all who chose the one my daughter picked and I'll send you an envelope of floral  butterflies (backed with fusible web, if that's what you prefer) cut from the Accuquilt or a scissor bling.

Back to Accuquilt. Since we can all benefit from each other's mistakes and successes, I'll share my experience with you as I work my way through the dies I have. I'm going to put a 'hints and tips' in my sidebar for easy reference to highlight the important things, so check there often.

The great thing about the Accuquilt Drunkard's Path die is that it cuts a little tab into each piece to make it easy to align.

Put a pin in the middle, then hop over and align the two edges.

Flex it into an arc and pin it together. It fits together smoothly.

1/4" stitch the seam, it's all smooth.

Flip and press (this photo isn't pressed yet). Obviously you can cut these out in less than 10 minutes, but it's going to take you significantly longer to sew them together. It helps if you press with Best Press before you stitch and then again once your squares are sewn together.

Cutting with the GO! is fun and fast, but pinning, stitching and pressing can be exhausting work...just ask Paco.


  1. I love the beach balls layout the best!

    For curved seams you have got to get yourself the curve master foot for your machine, I have been doing Go! apple cores with no pinning at all and they are coming out really nicely!

  2. I have to say the seagulls look effective but I do prefer the beach balls,love the scissor bling by the way.
    happy quilting
    Georgie x

  3. I must say I agree with your daughter...beachballs!

  4. I love them all but prefer the first one.

  5. Guess I'm not in the mainstream, I like Circle of Gulls the best.

  6. I'm thinking circle of gulls works for me.
    It has been fun this week reading your posts working up to the new 'baby' arriving. Enjoy! Enjoy!!!

  7. Don't enter me in your giveaway...I have that die and so I don't want to take away from someone who doesn't....but thanks for the information about the drunkard's path...I am waiting for my die any day....thanks!!

  8. Is it me? I can only see two layouts on your post - beach balls and gull formation? Of the two I prefer gull formation. Who can tell with daughters though! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    Ha ha, the word verification that came up for this comment was "ducks"!!

  9. Trust me to be the odd one out. I love the final one, the gull formation.

    Seeing the different layouts though makes me realise how much I NEED that die in my life!

  10. I really like Gull Formation too...I see lots of quilting options there.. :)

  11. I like Circle of Gulls - I like the shape it forms in the center, almost a Celtic cross.

  12. What fun this is. I like the Northbound Seagulls.

  13. Back home on my own computer and I can see all four variations now. Still prefer Gull Formation though :)

  14. I would choose the circle of gulls but they're all really effective!



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