Thursday, June 17, 2010

Merry Christmas !!!

And I don't say that because the electric bill came today and it was only $200 (though that certainly qualifies as a gift). And right behind the electric bill, my mechanic showed up with cash in hand and whisked the Corolla off to his 'spa', where she'll be pampered and given a second chance at life.

No, I'm in Happy Holiday mode because the UPS Gal finally showed up just after 2:00 with two boxes. And while she's certainly smaller than me, I must look really old and out of shape because she insisted on carrying them up my front steps for me. (Note to self, join gym this weekend, schedule botox treatments for next week, and get emergency appointment with colorist.)

On second thought, if I do that, I won't have time to play with my new toys, now, will I?

What a haul came out of those boxes....the cutter with it's included die and mat, and 3 more dies and 2 more mats to fit them. And the actual Accuquilt cutter came in a cloth bag inside it's box....much the same as your Coach or Luis Vuitton bag (or so I've heard from my daughter, who has one of each....Mom has a little rule that she will never buy a purse that costs more than she can afford to carry inside it on a regular basis, so that pretty much rules out Designer bags). Anyway, you have got to love a prize that is totally all inclusive. Thank you again AccuQuilt, and Amy's Creative Side.

I've got a Happy Hour scheduled with the neighborhood gals this evening. I know, things must be really bad when the ladies have to resort to drunken revelry on a THURSDAY night, but one is semi-retired so every day is Friday, another works in the school system, so today was her last day before summer vacation--understandably, she is in a mood to celebrate, and the other two of us just go with the flow....if you're pouring wine and mixing martinis, I'm pretty much there, especially when it involves walking across the street.

So a quick run out to the market to pick up something noshy for the party and I should have an hour or two to set it up and give it a test drive.

Here's wishing your dreams can come true too! Enjoy what's left of your day, wherever you may be.


  1. can I move to YOUR neighborhood? :)


  2. Enjoy your party, and your Go!

  3. How exciting!!!! Enjoy!!!!!! Accut and and Amy are awsome

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I look forward to hearing much, much more about your latest toys from Accuquilt!!!

  5. Congratulations. I'm sure you'll love the GO! too. Can't wait to hear what you create with it. I hope you'll network with the group of bloggers with AccuQuilt products (


  6. congrats Susan, I love my go! it is so easy to cut stuff. More time to sew!! yaay!

  7. Congratulations! It's a fantastic prize!

  8. I love mine, too...won it from AccuQuilt and now have collected several other dies (had a birthday, so you know I wanted cutter dies!!! LOL) Have fun with's terrific!!!


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